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Buchanan PR: Philadelphia PR Agency

2020-05-25 by EPR Staff

Buchanan PR is a full-service public relations firm with a global reach. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the PR firm’s client roster includes leading nonprofits as well as large corporations. Founded by Anne A. Buchanan in 1998, the firm specializes in social media, media relations, and crisis communications. With exceptional expertise in financial services, insurance, consumer goods, and professional service industries, Buchanan PR remains dedicated to learning about each client’s brand and adopting strategies which create success. Recent Events 1. Hiring Renee Cree as Vice President  In January 2020, Renee Cree joined Buchman PR’s senior management team which is responsible for developing and implementing the... Read More >

Diffusion PR – Making Your Brand Matter

2020-04-17 by EPR Staff

Diffusion PR - Making Your Brand Matter Diffusion PR is an independent, award-winning and results-driven public relations agency, that specializes in travel, technology, and CPG brands. The agency has offices based in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, so they are able to help multiple brands globally. In a world that’s constantly changing and an industry where everyone is trying to win every battle they take part in, Diffusion PR is there to grab the attention of the right people and focus it on things that really matter. They have a team of experts that excel in storytelling and... Read More >

Ericho Communications: Eric Yaverbaum’s Company

2020-04-15 by EPR Staff

Of the numerous PR firms in New York City, one that stands out from the crowd is Ericho Communications. There are two main things that make Ericho unique: they conduct audits and tell lots of stories. By conducting a thorough communications audit of a new client, Ericho gains a deep understanding of not only what’s transpired, but also any undiscovered opportunities and potential trouble or weak spots. The information gathered is also critical to Ericho’s ability to craft a successful strategic plan. Throughout history, it is known that people embrace stories. The main part of every strategic plan Ericho tailors... Read More >

Launchsquad PR: PR Firm Profile

2020-04-13 by EPR Staff

Launchsquad PR: PR Firm Profile Since 1999, Launchsquad PR has set themselves apart as an award-winning public relations, content marketing, and creative agency. Dedicated to helping their clients become established market leaders, Launchsquad is known for helping powerhouse brands use creative storytelling to get attention. About Launchsquad Launchsquad has four offices across the country in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle. In each office, the PR agency’s main focus is to create a fun and rewarding environment for its employees. Launchsquad provides services to clients in a variety of industries, including tech, media, health, fashion, gaming, and eCommerce. Services... Read More >

Hemsworth Communications: Award-Winning PR Agency

2020-04-02 by EPR Staff

Hemsworth Communications: Award-Winning PR Agency The top-ranked and boutique-sized public relations firm Hemsworth Communications has grown to establish a local, regional, national and global reach. Started by PR veteran Samantha Jacobs in 2014, the agency has grown rapidly, signing acclaimed brands and scooping top awards for its consistent results. The full-service PR and communications agency specializes in a wide range of services and different areas of expertise. Hemsworth Communications’ services include media relations, trade show support, brand communications strategy, press kit creation & design, community relations, crisis communication, etc. With a diverse and highly experienced team, the PR and communications... Read More >

AMP3 PR: PR Firm Profile

2020-03-12 by EPR Staff

Based in New York City, AMP3 PR specializes in consumer lifestyle, tech, luxury, beauty and fashion public relations campaigns. The firm raises awareness as well as engagement with its extraordinary storytelling abilities and skilled workforce. Whether it’s through social media posts and influencer marketing campaigns, through traditional public relations and accompanying media outreach, or experiential PR and production, they tailor their goals to meet the demands of each individual client. AMP3 uses the power of all of the different PR approaches to tell the right story in the right way to that particular audience. The PR firm won the “Agency... Read More >

Imre LLC: PR Firm Profile

2020-03-03 by EPR Staff

Imre LLC: PR Firm Profile Imre LLC is an independently-owned and integrated marketing agency with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Baltimore. They have expertise in social, digital, creative, paid media and public relations. The agency is one of the leaders in modern content and development of meaningful interactions and experiences. The agency is divided into a consumer practice and a health practice, but both ends have a team of brand strategists, account planners, activation experts, artists, writers, producers, directors, and analysts who work seamlessly to craft breakthrough orchestrated ideas. Each client that the agency works with... Read More >

Imagine PR: Firm Profile

2020-02-20 by EPR Staff

Imagine PR: Firm Profile Whoever thought of the idiom “leave nothing to the imagination” must have had Imagine PR in mind in coming up with the lexis because that so accurately describes the result of experiential travel, one of many specialties that clients of the New York-based firm are known for. Somewhat new in the U.S., experiential travel immerses travelers in the culture and environment of the destination they’re visiting. It moves visitors beyond the usual guided tour and engages them in a deeper and more memorable experience, by connecting them with the community, its food and people they’re visiting. ... Read More >

Bam Communications: Company Profile, Review, Careers and More!

2019-11-03 by EPR Staff

Bam Communications PR Firm Profile A tech-focused, 8-year-old, public relations and media relations firm, that also handles hard-hitting and driven content in marketing and digital services. The firm was founded by the Emmy award-winning Beck Bamberger who has a variety of successful clients. Beck brought the firm to life after earning an MBA at UCLA in just two years and taking her place as the youngest graduate at that level ever at Pittsburgh University, at only 21. From there she found a strong voice on TV as a news anchor, in San Diego, where she won an Emmy for her... Read More >

Dani Levy Communications: PR Powerhouse In Israel

2019-05-15 by EPR Staff

Dani Levy Communications: PR Powerhouse In Israel Dani Levy Communications was founded in 2007 and has quickly become one of Israel’s largest and most influential Communications Consulting and Public Relations firms. Dani Levy provides a variety of services for its prestigious clientele, who range from large local businesses to global multinational corporations. The firm works as an integral part of its clients’ day-to-day practices assisting clients with decision making as needed.  Dani Levy Communications provides everything from public relations, crisis management, government and regulatory relations, ongoing spokesmanship services, media advocacy and campaigns, to general image management for their clients. The firm... Read More >

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