South Asian Olympics Needs A Full-Service PR Firm

2015-12-02 by EPR Staff
South Asian Olympics

The South Asian Games are a biennial multinational multi-sport event held amongst the athletes from South Asia. The governing body of these games is South Asia Olympic Council (SAOC), formed in 1983. At present, OC-SAG is joined by eight members: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. They seek a full-service PR agency for the 12th South Asian Games to be held in February 2016. The first South Asian Games were hosted by Kathmandu, Nepal in 1983 and have since been held every two years. In 2004, it was decided in the 32nd meeting of South Asia... Read More >

The Pepsi Porch Will No Longer Call Citi Field Home

2015-11-19 by EPR Staff
Citi Pepsi

One mega brand on its own generates enough fizz to drive sales and brand loyalty. But a strategic alliance of two brands usually creates a force to be reckoned with. This was the original idea behind Pepsi’s sponsoring the Mets via Citi Field in 2009. Yet, the Mets failed to play their part in creating that force. In fact, the team lost six seasons in a row. Even though the Mets got their act together for 2015, Pepsi recently announced the decision to reinvest in other ways. Citi Field and the Mets brands lost one of their greatest sponsors with... Read More >

Little League is All Grown Up With Their Own PR Firm(s)

2015-09-26 by EPR Staff
LLWS - Little League World Series

The boys from Red Land Little League won the 2015 Little League World Series. But even before their win, they were receiving requests for appearances. After the win, they returned home and found even more requests. They’re just boys and they have enough to do with school and other regular activities. So it seemed wise to bring in professionals to help with scheduling and allowing the team and coaching staff to do what they do best. What they do best, by the way, isn’t just being great at baseball. Even before they hit that championship game, the team had made... Read More >

4 Things the NFL can do to Help their Public Relations Crisis Problem

2015-09-11 by EPR Staff

First, let’s just say that the NFL must be making some good decisions because they are a $10 billion per year enterprise. And considering just how many entertainment choices there are at any given moment, the NFL often commands more than 80% of all the television viewing in America during regular season games. The fans love the game, they love watching it played well. So what are some possible approaches to getting better PR for the NFL? Here are four ideas to help rebuild a flawless image for the NFL's PR: Industry Standard Training Everyone knows the best crisis management... Read More >

The Best Sports Public Relations Campaigns We Have Seen

2015-09-04 by EPR Staff
sports pr everything-pr

Here are some of the best sports PR campaigns we have seen: Peyton Manning’s Priceless Commercials "Priceless” is MasterCard’s slogan and their commercial series for roughly 15 years. They’ve had great success with it, and can apply the concept in unlimited situations. So when MasterCard put Peyton Manning as a new face for their “priceless” campaign it was. …well, priceless. You can’t help but see the pricelessness of famous professional athletes, which are considered big, tough guys, all doing activities like bonding while having walks on the beach. The punchline in Payton’s ad centered on all those joining him trying... Read More >

Lebron James’ and his Brilliant Public Relations Strategy

2015-06-22 by EPR Staff
Lebron james everything-pr

Lebron James a public relations genius? Many already dubbing him King of PR in the NBA. Others call him a flop. The dynamics of a PR campaign will put any name, face or company through a roller coaster of ups and downs in potential sentiments held by the public. It’s no surprise that we find an array of views regarding this athlete now enjoying the limelight. Not everyone feels the same about people and the stories they hear. Lebron James has scaled his PR mountain so that the “Lebron stock” continues to rise like this athlete’s historic stats in the... Read More >

Crisis PR & FIFA Having a Rough Week

2015-06-01 by EPR Staff
FIFA'sWeek of Crisis PR

When it wasn’t looking, international soccer took a shot right to the head, and it may be the best thing – PR-wise – that has happened to FIFA in decades. Allegations have been leveled recently against at least one voting member of FIFA’s World Cup committee. According to the allegations, when the big money was on the line, at least one vote on the council was up for sale. The New York Times is reporting that prosecutors are alleging Jack Warner, a committee member from Trinidad and Tobago, actively shopped his ballot to the highest bidder. Accordingly, Morocco offered Warner... Read More >

Fire David Blatt! The Cavaliers Coach Needs To Go

2015-05-13 by Ronn Torossian
Blatt Needs To Go

In the NBA, as in many other major league sports, superstar players hold a great deal of influence. It is especially true when the player happens to be considered almost as gifted in his intellectual and strategic abilities associated with basketball as he is for his athletic prowess. So when you’ve got such a player in frequent conflict with the head coach about strategy, you can guess who the winner will be. You can also guess the winner when your star player refuses to run plays as the coach calls them. That’s a serious problem. LeBron James, one of the... Read More >

Free Villy Custom Giveaway on Ellen Degeneres Show

2015-04-22 by EPR Staff

Villy Custom is putting together a Beach Weekend Package, which will be given away on air at the end of May on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Each vendor receives two seats in the green room on taping day, which is the day before the show airs. Cost is $45K paid to Villy Custom, in addition your client would need to give away a product to every member of Ellen's audience. Ellen is very particular about the brands she gives out, because she wants to maintain a certain brand image. Therefore she wants to use companies that will align with her... Read More >

Freeletics Seeks PR Support from Public Relations Agency

2015-04-22 by EPR Staff

I would like to introduce myself: I am Sarah, the PR Manager for Freeletics – the fastest growing sports- and lifestyle company worldwide. We are based in Munich, Germany, and with a community of over 4 million users we are active in more than 160 countries. Please check our website and press website for more information to get a little bit more background about the brand and our sport product: I am writing you today because we are searching for an agency, which supports us with high impact PR activities in the US and because you were recommended by... Read More >

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