Tesla Now More Popular Than Porsche in Cali

Courtesy Tesla Motors

Courtesy Tesla Motors

The next Beverly Hills Cop trailer may show a Rodeo Drive packed with cruising Teslas! 

California has always led the way where innovation or adopting anything is concerned. Just as fashion works its way East from the Pacific, so too the adaptation of new means of transport like electric care migrates West to East. This news that Tesla has actually outsold luxury brands Porsche, Volvo, Lincoln, Land Rover and Jaguar, is probably surprising only for people East of the Rockies. The California New Car Dealers Association reports vehicle registrations in the first half of this year showing 4,714 new Teslas registered. While other luxury brands lag far behind, the world’s most advanced luxury alternative energy vehicles are selling like those proverbial hotcakes.

Costing in excess of $60,000 or even more, these impressive vehicles can only “gas up” at an electrical outlet. fueled from an electric plug. Unlike hybrids or other competing types, the Tesla engineering marvels have no auxiliary gas or diesel power, which makes this news even more interesting. It would seem California drivers are a lot more committed to sustainable driving than their counterparts elsewhere in the United States. At least the luxury segment seems to be.

Who would have imagined in the 80’s the sleek ladies along Rodeo Drive turning their heads to respond to other than Porsche or Ferrari horns – in favor of cars named for the man who some thought was a “mad scientist” and whom others realized was one of the greatest geniuses of modern times. And the cars that bear the same name carry their own genius along, and pretty fast too.

To top off this story, Tesla is also rated the safest car in America! Now how’s that for taking the auto world by storm?

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