Tsimhoni Vs. Tsimhoni: Full Court Documents In The Tale Of The Jailed Michigan Kids


At Everything PR, we have covered many different court cases through the years.  The case of Maya Tsimhoni vs. Omer Tsimhoni has captivated International media attention – from The Huffington Post to BBC, the front-pages of newspapers to Israel to Detroit coverage around the clock.

The reality is that this Tsimhoni situation has been the tale of two courts – the court of law, and the court of public opinion.  Often times, good crisis PR people have to work hand in hand with lawyers – and high-profile lawyers are required to understand the nature of the media in order to succeed.

This story catapulted to national media attention following one interview with Maya with the local Fox Detroit media outlet — yet as the judge noted, Maya simply did not tell the truth, yet media jumped on the issue of kids put in jail because they refused to have lunch with their father.

The reality is that there has been many many years of court appearances that the family has been through.  And despite the initial media story the reality for anyone who reviews documents is that the mother left the judge with very little options. Public opinion polls, however, seem to indicate that the public would have preferred Maya Tsimhoni be sent to jail.

It’s clear as well that children should not be sent to jail for an ugly divorce, or an awful mother.

The attached court documents include documentation which show the repeated misconduct of Maya Tsimhoni.  One can see in these documents transcripts showing that Maya has been sent to jail for contempt, and countless health care professionals, kids lawyers and more have stated that Maya should not be allowed custody of the children.  In fact, on numerous occasions she was warned her conduct was not in the childrens’ best interests.

For those with time to go beyond the headlines, the following court documents reveal:

An order for the parents to attend a “Family Bridges Program” – other documentation shows how Maya has refused to cooperate repeatedly with court orders

An order for Maya Tsimhoni to report to jail for contempt of court

November 12th court document, where the court notes to the Mother “You are the problem and it is clear to everyone involved in this situation”

Numerous documents and transcripts from court appearances through the years.

This unfortunate ugly tale should be necessary reading for anyone who wishes to truly go beyond the headlines. Anyone reading it undoubtedly will agree that they aren’t likely to have read the last of this case.

There are more court documents which we will shortly make available. Below you will find all of the documents Everything PR currently available:


  1. Paul F says

    So are the kids running up dad laughing and happy? or do you just have them beat down enough to comply. One thing for sure it’s been a summer they will always remember. God how you all must hate kids.

  2. holy moly says

    Just, wow. I was a little in the middle on this one – not sure who was telling the truth, thought there was probably something to both sides. Until I read the transcripts. They really are ganging up against the mom. The best thing that could happen in this case is an actual evidentiary hearing where the judge and that goofy GAL can’t interrupt and shoot their mouths off every 20 seconds. Unfortunately, it’ll never happen because the mom has to be afraid that it’ll force a ruling changing custody. My heart goes out to the mom and kids. The worst evidence against the mom I saw in these transcripts is that she did “not comfort” the children when they were upset about going with the GAL. Is that really a basis for her to lose custody? My god, this is terrifying.

    I was glad to find a place to read the actual transcripts though. It really does clear some things up.

    • ora says

      Yes, it also terrifies me. Especially the fact that the GAL and judge are convinced that the children cannot know what is in their “best interest” (“as opposed to “what they want”).

      they are creating a new type of brainwash, and in 20 years people will look back at it and see how cruel it was, just like “conversion therapy” for gays or lobotomy to treat psychological ailments.

      The judge herself brags (hearing of nov. 2014) that she once took a girl away from her mother, put her in juvie and the girl never saw her mother again. If she thinks that BOTH parents are so important in the life of a child, why would she keep those children from seeing their mothers?

      If you read up on “threat therapy” (no irony!) by Richard Gardner, you willl discover that this is more or less exactly what this judge did. Just that she meet three particularly stubborn children, and now she is at the end of her tether, because she had to backpaddle. So how should the children take her seriously at all? And she keeps making threats (see hearing of July 22, 2015, where she tries again to intimidate the mother that she will send her to jail and the children will go back to “mandy’s place”…

      I think that the whole approach of “threat” is completely wrong in this context… She might give them detention with their father, but she cannot force them to speak to him.

      The more pressure she puts on these children, the more she punishes them, the higher she raises the psychological price the children invested in the rejection of their father. It will be more and more difficult for them to change, because they suffered already so much, and in retrospect, their rejection becomes more and more justified. (father who causes all this and allows it to happen is a monster, indeed). And the father cannot say that he did not want it. His attorney asked a few months ago for the children to visit children’s village, in order to intimidate them. So no-one can say that he did not agree to the placement. Let alone that he did not have to start running to the courts every monday and thursday…

      • ora says

        By the way: “threat therapy” has already caused suicides by adolescents who were submitted to it.

    • David B says

      Did you read the transcript where the father had falsely accused the mother of beating her 9-year-old son until he was black and blue? Then he falsely reported it to Child Services. All to try to sabotage the mother’s parenting time. Horrible. Thank God there was a third party witness who saw the whole thing and proved the father had made the whole thing up.

        • Sax says

          That is completely wrong. There was a medical report and the ER staff were going to testify but the insane judge wouldn’t even hear the evidence. They child had injuries and yet the judge didn’t want to even hear the evidence as she’d have to admit she was wrong. The GAL’s in this case are just as insane and really they should at least use qualified people in these cases. A child’s future is too important.
          The judge should be removed and an impartial judge should hear the case on actual evidence only.

        • David B says

          Please provide the documentation you have the the ER staff were going to testify that the child had visible injuries.

          Please explain how it is that the parenting supervisor, Mr. Gallagher, and ex-cop, chosen by the mother, was present the entire time, and said there was no abuse.

  3. N Kalup says

    We know the corrupt, bias judge throws all the evident away and blame the mother and are tutoring the kids. No need to educate us on PA. This is not PA. Enough of bias. The kids needs to be released and go to the mom. The dad need some therapy on how to win the hearts of kids. His ways so far is not the way to go. Buying judges will NOT give you love you disgusting inhuman brat.

    From Transcripts

    All of the reports say she
    tells them to go, tells them to do this, there’s not one

    report that says that she’s not doing that.
    The children have their own relationship with their father.
    And as I have said over and over again, Dr. Erard (ph) interviewed these kids while the Federal case was going on.
    He verified that there is a tremendous fracture between the parent–between Mr.
    Tsimhoni and the children because they felt like he was trying to kidnap them and keep them
    in that country against their will.
    That’s a problem.

    As I’ve said before, him leaving the
    country and choosing to work in Israel has not helped the
    situation because we’ve got a fractured relationship
    –I mean every single time that Omer comes back to see the
    children there’s all of this
    –this ah–these feelings go– before the parenting time takes place, it never goes well. He plays games,
    we talked about it the last time. The kids do well at the restaurant, instead of doing that he tries to
    change it and force it to something else. And he forces, forces, forces things. He tries to force things
    and change things so that the children get upset and it’s
    an ongoing game and then he pre–tries to present that
    she’s the problem.

    She has bent over backwards to try and make sure that this takes place. But then
    after it’s done it’s the
    it’s the same thing. He leaves and they come back.

    So any type of healing that they might have it’s

    repetitive. It’s like ripping a
    Band-Aid off of a scab.
    It just never stops, largely because he’s in a different

    country and he’s not here to try and work out this
    problem. Mom has taken the children, taken–sat during their um–dinners,
    allowed him to come to her house, done everything she can think of to make this ti–this pl–take
    place. It’s easy to blame her and look at her that she’s

    the problem, she’s not, not one person can say that she’s
    not there telling the kids to go. This is something that
    he has created. He’s reaping what he’
    s sown and–and to try and continuously blame her and–
    and say that you’re

    ready to switch custody that’s not fair and that’s not in

    the children’s best interest and there’s no evidence that

    it’s her. It’s easy to point at her but when you look at
    all of the–the things that mis–that Omer is doing and– and–
    and ah–the games that he plays and the manipulation,
    that’s where you need to look at. That’s where the
    problem is. Now in terms of the parenting time, of course he can have the parenting time.
    I don’t think it’s a good

    idea to have the deputies do it again because they’re

    afraid of the deputies ‘cuz of what happened last time.

    And she can address that with you better but they’re
    scarred by that. They were very, very upset by what happened.

  4. ora says

    why did you not include the lansat report that shows how the children, out of their own free will, adamantly refuse contact with their father, and that “everything” was tried to convince them, but they just do not want him, even though their mother tries to convince them to go with him for visitation?

    • Dave B says

      Mr. Lansat has made his overall assessment abundantly clear in this case. Google “Judge expresses frustration over Parental Alienation,” and listen to his own words.

      • ora says

        1) Lansat confirms that there seem to have been a death threat (by father against the children in presence of the children) on August 27, 2010.

        2) The Lansat report shows that there was strong, consistent opposition from the children themselves from then on (august 2010-july 2015). They would consistently refuse to speak to their father, although the mother made best efforts to comply with visitation schedule

        • David B says

          Google “Judge expresses frustration over Parental Alienation” to hear Mr. Lansat’s most recent comments regarding the mother in this case. His position is overwhelmingly clear.

          What is your source for point number one?

          Also, download the GAL report from 4/9/15, if you’d like to learn more about the mother’s outrageously false claims of abuse. And it’s not just the judge and the GAL saying she’s lying, but also the parenting coordinator, an ex cop, CHOSEN BY MOTHER.

          There is definitely abuse against these children, but it’s not the father abusing them.

        • ora says

          William Lansat report, nov. 2014, p. 6 & 7
          “the allegations were that “Father threatened to kill them while at the park on August 27, 2010.”…”DHS forensically interviewed the kids and confirmed the threat”… “the children also confirmed this to GAL…” “to my knowledge, the case was substantiated and closed”

        • ora says

          Could you please provide a link to Lansat report from 4/9/2015? And could you provide a more precise link on what you mean by “google judge expresses frustration…”?

        • David B says

          Thanks for the reference. Well, if you read the GAL’s November, 2014 report in its entirety, it’s clear that the GAL believes the children are being brainwashed to say false things about the father. In his conclusions, the GAL states “It is like a prolonged, pervasive toxic stream where a parent closest to the child, behind closed doors either intentionally or unintentionally says things to the kids causing them to act in a certain way.” The GAL also states that the father’s parenting time should be supervised–not to protect the children–but to protect the father!

          By the way, the DHS investigation you mention consisted of a DHS worker interviewing the mother and the children. DHS did not interview the father! DHS came to their conclusions without even bothering to hear both sides of the story! DHS simply echoed the claims of the mother and children. Anyone who believes in due process should be outraged by such an investigation. (Interestingly, the daughter refused to talk to DHS and implicate her father.) In the end, when the case went to the court, and the judge took the time to hear BOTH sides of the story, and police reports were presented, etc., the judge concluded that there was no abuse whatsoever.

          The 4/9/15 GAL report is available for download from the Oakland County court records website. Excerpts from this report are available at:

          The video I mentioned is available at:

          Ora, even if we continue to have polar opposite views on this case, I have great respect for the fact that you are taking the time to look at the actual evidence instead of just following the news headlines. Very few people seem to be willing to do this.

        • ora says

          I think that the concept of forced parental visitation in and by itself runs against the best interest of the child.

          I am appalled that at a time were children’s rights are recognised, as a general rule, courts are ready to disregard the children’s wishes just to give parents “their” parenting time and “visitation rights”.

          If there should be any obligation in this realm, it should the parent who should be obligated to be with the child when the child wants it, and not the other way round.

          Omer left his family for a job and clearly does not believe that he has any obligation to stay near his children. So why should his children be forced to see him when they don’t want?

          Furthermore, he should take into consideration that his continuous court battle is a tough strain on his children. It is harassment.

          Do you really think that the children will love him after he had them thrown into juvie and forcably separated from their mother?

        • David B says

          Wow. I may have to take back what I said. You are really misinformed.

          The father did not move away from the children; quite the opposite. The entire family was living in Israel, and the mother moved the kids back to the US, against the father’s wishes.

          Prior to the infamous hearing that is in the news, the judge repeatedly threatened sending the kids to Children’s Village, and the father opposed this!

          Parental Alienation damages children. Alienating parents manipulate children in order to satisfy the own selfish psychological needs. Children are put into a position where they feel like they are betraying the favored parent if they express any kind of love toward the targeted parent. It is very much like a cult in this regard.

          Here is a brief article written by Dr. Amy JL Baker on the topic:

        • ora says

          Lansat report (nov. 2014) says that Omer Tsimhoni moved to Israel in April 2008, went back to visit his family in December 2008, his wife filed for divorce in January 2009, then there was a reconciliation, wife & children moved to israel for three months and came back to US in december 2009, divorce file was reopened in January 2010 (if I remember correctly). (Maya claims that she never intended to move back to Israel).
          Whereupon (and I think this was a big mistake) Omer initiated an action for kidnapping against his wife. US courts decided that the time the wife & children had spent in Israel was not enough to consider Israel their permanent home.

          I suppose that if he had not started a legal war back in 2009/10, and if he had not filed kidnapping charges in Israel after he lost in the USA, the whole atmosphere in the family would have been more relaxed and it could be that the children would trust him more. What do you think?

          In my view, it is unfair that he punished Maya with all those lawsuits for giving it a try in Israel. If she had insisted, as she said from the beginning that she did not want to leave the US, he could not have filed kidnapping charges. So she is really punished for trying to do what he wanted.

        • ora says

          Even if you believe it is “parental alienation”, look what Joan B. Kelly (a psychotherapists who believes in parental alienation and treats it) says:

          “Because clinical and empirical research indicates that high-conflict parents are likely to have significant parenting deficits and that rejected parents often behave and parent in ways which contribute to their children’s alienation and rejection (Johnston et al., 2005a, 2005b; Kelly & Johnston, 2001;”


          This is the aspect that seems underrepresented in your views.

          My view is: You can’t force love. You can facilitate love, but the idea of intimidating children into “having a relationship with their father” is just ludicrous.

        • David B says

          The chronology you mention is a good point, but weighing against the notion that he is an absentee father are the 496 records that have accumulated in the case file over the past 5 years! Most fathers would have given up and walked away long ago, rather than submit themselves to the anguish (and expense) of such a protracted custody battle, not to mention the embarrassment of all the public scrutiny. This is clearly a father who is desperate to have a loving relationship with his kids.

          The mother should not be punished because of the Israel-USA issue; she should be punished because there is overwhelming evidence that she is alienating these kids from their father.

        • David B says

          I read the Joan B. Kelly article and found it very interesting, thanks. I agree that the dynamic of Parental Alienation is complex, and I do believe both parents contribute to the dynamic. I think therapy should include the entire family.

          I believe that Family Bridges addresses the behavior of both parents, and it has an excellent track record:

          “At the workshop’s conclusion, 95% of the child participants recovered a positive relationship with the rejected parent. On follow-up, 82% of the sample (47 out of 57) continued to enjoy good relationships with the parents they had rejected.”

          At the same time, I would point out that Dr. Warshak, who created Family Bridges, describes in his book, Divorce Poison, how in cases of severe alienation it is sometimes necessary to temporarily remove the children entirely from the influence of the alienating parent, because it is the alienating parent that is the overwhelmingly dominant factor.

          Dr. Edward Kruk says it well:
          “…research has shown that many alienated children can transform quickly from refusing or staunchly resisting the rejected parent to being able to show and receive love from that parent, followed by an equally swift shift back to the alienated position when back in the orbit of the alienating parent; alienated children seem to have a secret wish for someone to call their bluff, compelling them to reconnect with the parent they claim to hate.”

        • ora says

          Lansat does not mention whether Omer did or did not visit his family between April 2008 and December 2008… When you read the report it sounds as if he did not.

          He started his “diligent efforts” once it was clear the children wanted nothing to do with him, and even then, look at what he does.

          – Children are in Europe, he has a trip to the states for work, and goes to court to order them back immediately (August 2014). Are you really astonished that they ganged up against him (ugly scenes with deputies at the courthouse ensued)?

          – Children are in spring break, he wants his visitation rights, so he orders them to court, even on a day (Monday) where he will not be present (April 2015). Judge is a bit taken aback, but then goes with the flow… How can you interpret that diffenrently than him just wanting to harrass them?

          – Children are locked away, he is the only person who can see them, he leaves for Israel and tries no visitation all through the time they are locked away to “learn to communicate with him”. Now, I understand that he will not delay an important business trip for his family. But where was the hurry to lock up the children? They could have gone home, tried more therapy, etc…

          If I was in such a situation, I would have tried a different approach, at latest when deputies were forcing my children to go into the room where they were supposed to meet me.

          I would start a diary/letters to the children, and every day, I would write down my positive feelingt towards them, I would tell them about my life. Perhaps I would send the letters, but in any case I would keep copies of letters and make them into a book, so that they could read my side of the story once they are ready for it.

          In this case, Omer and the Judge do too much micro-management and they forget the long-term perspective. If it is really the mother who is alienating the children (which seems far from clear-cut to me), there will be a time when they will call her bluff. And he should be ready then to give them a written testimony of his love through all those years. A court battle is not a testimony of love. this is the point where Omer got it totally wrong.

  5. You're not fooling anyone says

    You can dress a pig up and it will still be a pig. You keep trying to make your client Omer to look like the injured party. But as Shakespear wrote “I think the lady doust protest too much’. A caring and loving father would care less about his reputation and hiring a PR firm and more about the emotional trauma he is causing his kids by using them as pawns in a contentious divorce. A truly loving father would just back off. The kids don’t want to see him, fine, he can keep in touch by writing letters and telephone calls. He can send gifts and make sure he calls to congratulate them about their accomplishments at school. He can call them just to say “I was thinking about you and wanted to say I love you” instead of forcing himself on to the kids and forcing them into the public limelight. I’m sorry, Omer, you’re still a pig.

  6. MIke says

    Thank you David for continuing to tell the truth on this. It would be better if this whole thing was not publicized. But now that it has been publicized – because mom CHOSE to publicize it in a misguided attempt to garner public support – people should educate themselves before they choose sides.

    If there is one good thing that can come out of all this, it would be to raise awareness about the devastating effects of Parental Alienation.

    Yes – it is a controversial topic. Yes – the allegations of PA are often false. But it IS a real thing, and it IS harmful.

    In THIS PARTICULAR CASE, it is very clear to anyone who bothers to do their homework that PA is the problem.

    The best we can hope for in this case is that dad will rise above pettiness and promote forgiveness and reconciliation for ALL parties, including himself. No one is saying he is a perfect man, but he is not violent, he loves his kids, his kids love him too, and he has the RIGHT to a relationship with them.

  7. David B says

    Ms. Lisa Harris, a friend of the court from the prosecutors office, in a hearing on August 21, 2014, made the following comments:

    “Your Honor, we could ask for an order to take into custody. I think that this has gotten beyond absurd. I have a parent here who will not exert her own authority to have her children comply with the Court’s order… We could even do the hearing this afternoon, appoint the kids attorneys because clearly Mother does not understand this and unfortunately, because she wants to play with the Court, the kids are convinced that they get to run the show. This is–this is so not acceptable.”

    Mr. Gallagher, the parenting coordinator, talked about how 15-year-old son would not even acknowledge his cute 2-year-old step-brother (abnormal behavior), and that the two younger siblings would laugh and smile but then turn away if the father looked over (abnormal behavior).

    Mr. Lansat, the GAL, a neutral advocate for the best interests of the children, in his 11/3/14 report, states:
    “It is like a prolonged, pervasive toxic stream where a parent closest to the child, behind closed doors either intentionally or unintentionally says things to the kids causing them to act in a certain way. What message would we be sending to these kids if we allow their behaviors to go unchecked–essentially condoning this bizarre, cult like actions.”

    Are all these professionals conspiring with the judge? It’s just not credible.

    As I read the transcripts I hear a judge who has been EXCEEDINGLY patient with this mother, hearing after hearing after hearing, all before the infamous hearing that has been in the news. The issue of Children’s Village was brought up numerous times. Numerous times the mother was given an opportunity to start acting like a parent, and stop empowering her children to defy authority. The judge, the friend of the court, and the GAL would practically plead with the mother to get the kids to come into the courtroom, and the mother would respond by saying things like, “I think it’s important that it will be a positive experience.”

    • MIke says

      Thank you David for continuing to tell the truth on this. It would be better if this whole thing was not publicized. But now that it has been publicized – because mom CHOSE to publicize it in a misguided attempt to garner public support – people should educate themselves before they choose sides.

      If there is one good thing that can come out of all this, it would be to raise awareness about the devastating effects of Parental Alienation.

      Yes – it is a controversial topic. Yes – the allegations of PA are often false. But it IS a real thing, and it IS harmful.

      In THIS PARTICULAR CASE, it is very clear to anyone who bothers to do their homework that PA is the problem.

      The best we can hope for in this case is that dad will rise above pettiness and promote forgiveness and reconciliation for ALL parties, including himself. No one is saying he is a perfect man, but he is not violent, he loves his kids, his kids love him too, and he has the RIGHT to a relationship with them.

      • Paul F says

        Yes, Dad has a right to see his kids. You would think that the kids would have a right not to be verbally assaulted in court. The court has harmed the kids, and both parents bank accounts. The court has added gasoline to a fire the parents started years ago. It would be far better if BOTH parents took a deep breath, apologized to the kids, got the kids out of the system, BOTH parents could sit with the angry pouting kids and have enough patience for the kids to give in. You have backed these kids into a situation where they will break down. Kids like this are in danger of suicide! Some one remind these parents that kids can only take so much.

    • Paul F says

      To say it’s abnormal behavior for a kid to look away from a parent they are angry with is absurd. Why do parents around the world echo ” look at me when I am talking to you”. Weren’t you ever a kid.? You pout, you stiffen up and you give the “looks that can kill” That is normal. .Irritating but normal. Both parents have let their hate grow stronger than the love of their children.. The kids are NORMAL, the situation with the parents is NOT NORMAL. The 1986 movie War of the Roses was meant to be a dark comedy not a documentary!

      • Dave B says

        Parental Alienation is a whole lot more than kids getting angry and not wanting to talk to their parents. That happens in every household, whether there is a divorce or not. This is especially true of teenagers, who are in the process of becoming independent adults.

        Parental Alienation is where a child is manipulated to unjustifiably reject a loving parent. The child is made to feel like they are betraying the favored parent if they show any affection toward the targeted parent. The child is not taught to think for herself, but rather becomes enmeshed with the psychological needs of the alienating parent. The child becomes more and more dependent. It’s the exact opposite of normal, healthy child development.

        Please Google “Craig Childress, PhD,” if you’d like to learn more about Parental Alienation.

  8. David B says

    Wow, did you guys read the same transcripts?? In addition to the transcripts posted here, I also read the GAL’s report from last year. The GAL’s report includes not only his opinion but comments from two additional agents of the court. In the current transcripts, you also have comments from the parenting coordinator and from a friend of the court out of the prosecutors office. UNIFORMLY these professionals implicate the mother as the cause of the children’s intransigence. Do people really think there is a conspiracy against this mother? I can see people criticizing the judge for some of the words she used, especially toward the children, but the overwhelming issue in this case is the alienation that has taken place. It is the alienation that is damaging these children the most, not the comments of a frustrated judge.

  9. j2theperson says

    I’ve read through all the documents, and, yikes! The judge seems to have been engaging in abusive, bullying behavior for a long time. I see nothing in the transcripts that would lead me to believe the mom is actually alienating her children from their father; simply through his choice to live in another country he seems to be doing a good enough job of that himself. She and her lawyer seem pretty reasonable in the transcripts. The judge, however, comes across as highly biased and abusive.

  10. says

    For all you fudge wits saying that the judge was justified. Are you out of your gourd? Since you’re obviously stupid I’ll clarify gourd is mind/brain.

    You do realize omer hired a pr team right. So of course he looks like a good guy. You obviously haven’t seen all the transcripts I have. Gorcyca has not only bullied and attacked the children but she’s also bullied and attacked maya and treated her like a dog even in the beginning. I also have the supervisors notes talking about how maya even tried bowling with omer to get the kids to join. That reallllyyyy sounds like parental alienation. *sarcasm*

    You also fail to mention how omers new wife sharon tzur has connections and was involved with a money laundering and pay off scheme involving some high profile cases and she was questioned as being involved in which she fled Israel to the states.

    Let’s also mention how gorcyca and middleditch are friends and have multiple ties to each other. Or how lansat has ties to gm where omer works. Or how gm has donated to a group that gorcyca was on the board of advisors for. Oh let’s not forget to mention gorcyca brother in law works it for GM. Let’s also not forget a child psychologist did therapy for the kids and sent a letter to lansat but lansat wouldn’t admit it into evidence and they wouldn’t consider it. Why? Because on the bottom of the note it told lansat to excuse himself from the case for having ties with omer.

    Let’s also mention in transcripts it also states cps reports against father were substantiated. For you retards out there substantiated means they found proof or evidence to back up the claim.

    Now that being said. I’m an admin of the Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/tsimhonichildren

    And maya has a gofundme

    She set it up for us to share on our group with all hers and the kids suppoters.

    Furthermore. We also have a twitter @JusticeForTsimhoni

    We are going to be at the July 20th hearing. And we are all calling attorney general. ACLU. Michigan State bar. And michigan judicial tenure commission.

    We have multiple reports from multiple people who judge gorcyca and lansat bullied. Even pics of where lansat threatened people to pay for his services or he’d smear their name in court.

    Lansat and gorcyca are both biased. And both conflict of interest. So back your judge. That’s fine. You’re not gonna like it when you look stupid when all this blows wide open and they end up in prison.

    My group and I are in various contacts with media and have been giving them everything we dig up. We’re counting down the days that our filing is complete and this whole thing blows wide open. But like I said. Look stupid. Not our problem.

    We’re doing this for justice. For maya. The tsimhoni kids and every other kid or man or woman gorcyca and lansat abused and railroaded.

    • N Kalup says

      Thank you for the revealing these. This explains a lot of unanswered BS. Thank you again for helping this mother and kids from unjust. Thank you!!!

      • says

        Not a problem. There’s a whole band of us coming together doing this. Volunteering all our time and effort to help maya and the kids. And other victims of lansat or gorcyca. We’re pushing for removal and loss of license and investigation of each case they did. If you wanna help or contribute please go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/tsimhonichildren

        Or please call attorney generals office. Michigan State bar. Michigan judicial tenure comission. And aclu

        Thank you so much.
        Shawna (An admin in facebook.com/groups/tsimhonichildren

    • EW says

      LOL.. so you are part to other mothers public relations team. What a riot. You are doing exactly what the you accuse the father of doing.

      Not only that, now you and the mother is working to turn this tragic situation into a money making endeavor.

      Things get more and more strange.

      • N Kalup says

        Mother and the public against The judge of the year and the father of the year , to protect the kids rights and best interests. That’s right! The mother and the kids need all the support in the world against the unjust and harassment and abuse they have been going through for years evident by these transcripts. Let the investigation begin!!

        • ora says

          My problem lies with this sentence in the lansat report (nov. 2014):
          “Mother [believes] that this process should be dictated by what the kids want as opposed to what is in their best interest”

          I think that this is horribly condescending towards the children and a really, really slippery slope… And in fact, the judge and Lansat went down the abyss from that.

          I always thought that time with both parents was a right for the children, not a duty. I.e. in my view, neither Omer nor Maya have any rights to their children or their time,, but only duties towards the children.

          A child is not an object that two people possess and can use half of the time each. A child is a human being with human rights, who is entitled to express opinions, have likes and dislikes. They have shown consistently for 5 years that they do not want to see their father… Why should what they want be completely irrelevant, while it should supposedly, according to Lansat and Gorcyca, be in their best interest to be ripped away from all the people they are attached to in order to be imprisonned in a group home, to punished for not wanting to talk with their dad?
          The dad already announced that he wants to strongly limit contact with the mother once he gets sole custody.
          I thought they all believed so strongly children had to have both parents in their lives, now they want to rip them away from the mother?
          Lansat was the one who suggested juvie and used this argument to intimidate them, even befor the judge brought it up, and then, after the scandal broke lose in the press, he suddenly understands that this is not the best solution? What a hypocrite!!!

    • MIke says

      Well, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. But you may want to also consider the possibility that Maya has been poisoning the kids against their dad. She really shouldn’t be doing that.

    • Dave B says

      Are the CPS reports public record? Are the transcripts that mention the CPS reports public record? Are they available from the Oakland County court record site? Please provide a reference, or at least dates of the hearings that back up your claims. Thanks.

      • Jkelly says

        Yes. They are public record. I have a copy. I’ll be happy it to email them to you if you’d like.

    • David B says

      “Let’s also mention in transcripts it also states cps reports against father were substantiated. For you retards out there substantiated means they found proof or evidence to back up the claim.”

      Well, first of all, your use of the word “retards” greatly reduces your credibility.

      Also, you might be interested to know that the DHS investigation consisted of interviewing the mother and the children. DHS did not interview the father! DHS did not review the police report, or, if they did, they ignored the fact that the police found no evidence of violence. DHS simply echoed the words of the mother and children. Such an “investigation” is worthless, and is more reminiscent of Nazi Germany than the due process that is supposed to take place here in the United States.

      If you’d like more insight into the mother’s credibility when it comes to her accusations of abuse, go to:

      • says

        I’d be glad to send you the cps report. It was purchased from our group via the oakland county courthouse website. Dated 3-20-2015 . Matter of fact keri middlebitch (intentionally done) tried to subpoena my twitter for posting the cps reports on twitter saying I posted them when they were sealed. Which matter of fact they sealed July 22nd 2015 docs that had cps report in them but not March 20th 2015 doc that had cps report in it. Observer wrote a piece about it yesterday.

        If you’d like to see the cps doc email Justice4TsimhoniKids@gmail.com

  11. EW says

    I don”t see links to any documents. Can you please fix this as I think it would help quite a bit for the public to have access to more of what has really transpired.

    I am highly, and sadly, amused by people trashing the father for putting out his opinion and calling it character assasination of the mother.

    Yet these very same people apparently have to problem with the mother flooding mainstream media and social media with what ammounts to character assisination of the father.

    Father’s have rights folks.
    Chidlren have the right to thier father in thier lives.
    In divorce and custody, the court is the final word.

    That’s how it works when one parent poisons their children against the mother.

  12. N Kalup says

    This bitch of a judge’s abuse has been going for while it seems. The more I read the transcripts the more I get disgusted with the judge and the dad. The mother and kids have been treated unfairly with clear bias towards dad. It looks to me the kids have developed a phobia for dad, may be the mother too has developed a phobia due to dad’s violent and abusive behavior in the past. Phobias will not remedy or treated with abuse, threats, humiliation. The phobias need time and therapy to heal if ever. This is a disgraceful legal system. Now the judge want to give custody to this dad who is not available most of the time , remarried and have a kid from second marriage. This judge who is bias and abusive should be removed from this case ASAP. The dad need to wait patiently till kids get over the phobia and willing to forget his violent and abusive nature. The court system cannot remedy phobias by threats , force and humiliating the kids.

    • MIke says

      Also, dad has already been very patient. This has been going on for a long time (over 5 years!) And there is simply no credible evidence whatsoever that this man has ever been violent. It’s great that you want to support victims of domestic violence. So do I. But it doesn’t exist in every single case where it is alleged. In this case, it is a total red herring. Do your homework, please. I’m not saying much one way or the other about the man’s character, because I don’t know him. The point is that there are no signs of violent behavior. At all.

  13. Mary says

    Let me guess, paid for by Omer Tsimhoni. Funny how this alleged “news article” (really a PR takedown of the mother) doesn’t mention how the oldest child alleges abuse, the mother filed for a restraining order against the father after a 911 call that he threatened to kill the kids and pushed their mother around, and the mother is terrified that he is going to try to kidnap the kids and take them back to Israel (she insisted that he surrender his passport before each visit). If you want to report on the mother’s alleged misconduct fine, but if you don’t put it in the context of the father’s alleged misconduct as well then this piece Is just a smear claim on behalf of Omer Tsimhoni, who by the way Gorcyca decreed was the one who would decide when the kids could get out of Children’s Village where they were imprisoned and not allowed to see anyone except their father, and what does he do but hop on a plane to Israel the very next day. Wow, what a concerned dad…

    And don’t get me started on Judge Gorcyca, who this article completely left off the hook. It is completely outrageous to incarcerate innocent children for the ALLEGED crimes of their parent. If there is any justice she will be disbarred. At the very least she needs to recuse herself from this case before she does anymore damage to these children.

    • MIke says

      Yes – the PR firm is most likely being paid by Omer Tsimhoni. He has a right to present his side after having to endure the SMFBSC (Social Media Fueled BS Campaign). It was Maya that went to the media, not Omer. Thie matter should have remained private. I believe it was a huge mistake for her to do that, because it only makes things worse for the kids. Let us pray that Omer Tsimhoni is a good man, and not inclined toward vengeance. What this family needs is peace and reconciliation, not a war in the media.

      Mom loves kids. Dad loves kids. Kids love mom. Kids love dad. That is a lot to build on. Let’s start building and stop tearing down, ok?

  14. Sax says

    Wow you are continuing the character assassination of the mother rather than trying to get this ridiculous judge removed? It is the judge who is the most danger to these children. Don’t want to eat with your Dad? Starve them or put them in ‘prison’. The judge attitude to this and treatment of the children is unacceptable. Omer by continuing to allow this will keep his children turned against him. You don’t force relationships with threats and verbal abuse. This judge should be removed from her position and banned from any kind of work with children. She has done so much damage to the kids relationships with their father. If there is a parent setting children against the other, children will work that out if given time and space. However if children feel that they are being coerced, berated and threatened they will not want a relationship. They now have experienced over a fortnight of segregation and punishment by an insane judge and Omer isn’t campaigning for her removal from the case. Omer should fight for his kids happiness before his.

    • MIke says

      The judge is not the issue here. I get that her frustration spilled over a bit, and she may have said some things that seem over the top. But you have to look at the entirety of the thing to put it all into proper context. She did what needed to be done to HELP the kids. Temporarily removing them from mom’s control was a necessary step toward recovery and reconciliation for all. It is to her credit that she had the courage to do it, despite the fact that there was always a big chance that it would blow up in her face (as it did). She is human and she has surely made mistakes. But overall, she has done a very good job in this case.

    • Dave B says

      I don’t like what the judge said to the kids, but I think it was the right decision to temporarily remove the kids from the mother. The much, much larger issue in this case is the Parental Alienation. These kids are not going to be scarred by the harsh words of a frustrated judge. But they will be deeply scarred if the alienation continues.

      Give the father a chance to prove is mettle. Mother has proven that the road toward family harmony is not going to be through her. I pray the father does better.

      • ora says

        A girl will not be scarred by a judge intimidating her, threatening that she will spend the next 9 years in “jail” without privacy for toilets and without contact to the mother?
        If this girl develops anorexia or other symptoms of deep emotional stress, I would not be astonished…

  15. hadassah weinstein says

    This is a bribed judge. Proof is that the children’s attorneys did not object to their clients being jailed. Because all the “court appointed” professionals work for the judge. They make hundreds of thousands
    of $$$ but the “court appointed” professionals will favor the parent the judge favors and villify the parent
    the judge villifies. Then the judge hides her corruption by saying – I am following the “professionals” recommendations – when in reality it is the judge who gives the orders to the professionals.
    Did you see in the transcripts how the judge locked up some other kid in jail? And the judge orders the children punished with no electronics. Did the parents lose their parental rights? The judge is not the parent – are we living in some dictatorship where children belong to the state?

    • MIke says

      Bribed judge? That is a serious allegation. I strongly doubt you can back that up with anything more than idle speculation.

  16. Pat R says

    I thought the Judge had a bad day. It would seem the court has been torturing these children for months, if not
    years. SHAME,! Too bad children have no rights. I have no words to express the contempt I have for a system, and parents that let this happen to children.

    • MIke says

      Yes, it was no doubt a bad day for her, and everyone else. But she has not been torturing anyone. It is unfortunate that things have devolved as badly as they have, but there is no way you can blame that on the Court. The duty of the Court is to uphold the law. Dad has rights, under the law. Therefore, the Court has a duty to uphold dad’s rights. Mom was not allowing this to happen. That is why the Court had to take such drastic action.

  17. Paul F says

    After reading court transcripts for hours this is more messed up than I thought. The Judge actually said not to feed the kids if they didn’t eat with dad! Pg 11 of 19 on proceedings that took place March 14, 2015. If kids don’t eat with Dad …they don’t eat, they don’t eat, they don’t eat.. Judge is one mean lady. Starve them, lock them up. Those kids will comply! I am surprised that those kids can function at all. Some one put Mom, Dad and the Judge into Mandy’s Place until they grow up. Find the kids a world with adults!

    • Elizabeth says

      That judge should be fired. She is a horrible, power hungry, narcissist. They re probably getting more and more traumatized as they are forced to confront her. I fear for them, and cry for them.

      • Paul F says

        Absolutely, I am a grown man, but if I had to listen to that Judge I would be curled up in a fetal position, sucking my thumb and peeing my pants. How can those kids have any life. This Judge is sadistic to the max. Dad, how could you sit there and let this happen?

        • Dave B says

          Sadistic? Really? I’m trying to imagine what my parents would have done if I had defied a judge when I was 9 years-old or 14 years-old. It’s hard for me to imagine this, because I would have never DARED to do such a thing. I think my parents would have read me the riot act (using much stronger language than the judge did), and, if necessary, my dad would have physically picked me up or dragged me into the courtroom by my ear. Perhaps this offends modern sensibilities. Perhaps nowadays some would say this is abuse. Call it what you want. All I know is that, as an adult, I’m not prone to sucking my thumb or peeing in my pants.

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