Tsimhoni Vs. Tsimhoni: Full Court Documents In The Tale Of The Jailed Michigan Kids


At Everything PR, we have covered many different court cases through the years.  The case of Maya Tsimhoni vs. Omer Tsimhoni has captivated International media attention – from The Huffington Post to BBC, the front-pages of newspapers to Israel to Detroit coverage around the clock.

The reality is that this Tsimhoni situation has been the tale of two courts – the court of law, and the court of public opinion.  Often times, good crisis PR people have to work hand in hand with lawyers – and high-profile lawyers are required to understand the nature of the media in order to succeed.

This story catapulted to national media attention following one interview with Maya with the local Fox Detroit media outlet — yet as the judge noted, Maya simply did not tell the truth, yet media jumped on the issue of kids put in jail because they refused to have lunch with their father.

The reality is that there has been many many years of court appearances that the family has been through.  And despite the initial media story the reality for anyone who reviews documents is that the mother left the judge with very little options. Public opinion polls, however, seem to indicate that the public would have preferred Maya Tsimhoni be sent to jail.

It’s clear as well that children should not be sent to jail for an ugly divorce, or an awful mother.

The attached court documents include documentation which show the repeated misconduct of Maya Tsimhoni.  One can see in these documents transcripts showing that Maya has been sent to jail for contempt, and countless health care professionals, kids lawyers and more have stated that Maya should not be allowed custody of the children.  In fact, on numerous occasions she was warned her conduct was not in the childrens’ best interests.

For those with time to go beyond the headlines, the following court documents reveal:

An order for the parents to attend a “Family Bridges Program” – other documentation shows how Maya has refused to cooperate repeatedly with court orders

An order for Maya Tsimhoni to report to jail for contempt of court

November 12th court document, where the court notes to the Mother “You are the problem and it is clear to everyone involved in this situation”

Numerous documents and transcripts from court appearances through the years.

This unfortunate ugly tale should be necessary reading for anyone who wishes to truly go beyond the headlines. Anyone reading it undoubtedly will agree that they aren’t likely to have read the last of this case.

There are more court documents which we will shortly make available. Below you will find all of the documents Everything PR currently available:

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