The Case of Maya Eibschitz Tsimhoni v. Omer Tsimhoni

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Inaccurate media reports are currently circulating regarding the case of  Maya Eibschitz Tsimhoni v. Omer Tsimhoni.

Tsimhoni Kids Released

Today, the judge ordered the Tsimhoni kids to be released.  Below are the official documents for the the full findings:

Tsimhoni Kids Released - Case Updates by Everything PR

Tsimhoni Kids Released - Case Updates by Everything PR

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Updated 7/09/2015 @ 2:53pm EST:

Omer Tsimhoni Court Filings Documenting Maya Eibschitz Tsimhoni, The Kids’ Mother Damaging Children

The story surrounding the Tsimhoni children has been covered all over the world – from The Guardian to Fox News, The Detroit Free Press to Buzzfeed. And while the case has been misreported in the media, the New York Observer ran an exclusive interview with Omer Tsimhoni.

free tsimhoni kids on twitter

There’s many twitter posts under the hashtag: #freeTsimhonikids, #tsimhonikids and others.

In the below document’s which Everything PR has exclusively obtained which was filed in the Family Division of Michigan State Court as an order to show cause.  As can be shown in the attached documents:

 Multiple doctors and court-appointed mental health professionals for the children noted that the mother is causing significant alienation to the children, which can result in emotional suffering and damage to the children.

The mother has repeatedly disobeyed the courts orders.

The guardian ad litem noted that allowing the mothers’ behavior to go unchecked would be condoning her alienating and bizarre behavior to have the children act in a cult-like manner. (Courts often appoint guardians ad litem to represent childrens’ interests in cases involving custody)

The mother refused to provide home address of children to their father – a father who has been deemed fit and competent – and has joint custody of the children.

It is believed that the children suffer from “Parental Alienation Syndrome,” and multiple experts have advised that the children need help.

In the media, WWJ-TV Legal Analyst Charlie Langton noted “The judge felt that the kids should be taken away from mom. And what do you do when you’ve got a parent, a so-called bad mom in general terms, and a father who is in Israel right now, where do you go with these children? You put them in Children’s Village because that’s ordered counseling. It’s not the bad side where there’s criminals in Children’s Village. It’s a place where they go when you have two parents who are not able to parent.”

One thing is for sure – the kids are surely the losers in this fight. Everything PR will continue to provide information on the ongoing story which is attracting national media coverage.


Originally Published 7/09/2015 @ 12:00pm

The following is a statement from Mr. Tsimhoni’s legal team:

After more than 5 years in family court, and dozens of court appearances in this matter, Ms. Eibschitz is continuing with her reckless behavior which endangers the children. She has been charged with contempt of court, and is wrongly exploiting the privacy of our children.  This is a continuation of her reckless, and harmful behavior.

The judicial system is aware of all the issues that have transpired.  Her conduct – and false statements – show disrespect for the law and due process.

We trust in the legal process, and will not litigate this matter through the press. We will not release confidential documents and findings which have been shared with the court as this is a matter which concerns minor children.

This situation is traumatic for everyone involved, and it is unfortunate that the mother’s actions have resulted in this situation. The children’s best interest must be of paramount concern.

Ms. Eibschitz continually alienates the children from their father, and has ignored countless court hearings and rulings.

Mr. Tsimhoni has great respect for the court and the legal system.  He is a loving, caring father who desires a healthy relationship with his children. He has spent the past five (5) years combatting unsubstantiated, manipulative, and false claims made by Ms. Eibschitz.

The children have legal counsel, including a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem. Each of the minors also has experienced children’s attorney which have been appointed by the court.  They have not objected to the ruling in question.

The media’s exploitation of three (3) minor children involved in this traumatic situation in the media does not serve the children’s best interests.  The court of law is the appropriate venue.  Photographs of the Tsimhoni children should not be posted online, put in the newspaper or on television. We ask the media to respect the privacy of the children.

Keri Middleditch (P63088)

Attorney for Omer Tsimhoni

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