UNHCR Thailand is looking for the establishment of Frame Agreement with one or more TV media buying agency/ (ies) to support in the purchase of media across stations in Thailand, in order to:

Air spots which procure for UNHCR regular and one-time gift donors at a positive ROI (return on investment);

Maximize cost efficiencies (cost per spot and cost-per-thousand) and deliver converted response at the lowest possible cost;

Develop test matrices (time-length, ask amount, response mechanism) in order to optimize the performance of the program

Recommend a media spend plan that help us grow a set of core stations through thoughtful station testing.

The agency/ (ies) goal is to develop, implement, execute, test and optimize the most effective media-buying strategy/ (ies), in order to achieve the greatest possible impact for a given fundraising budget.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly to provide protection and assistance to refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs). In more than six decades, the agency has helped tens of millions of people to restart their lives. Today, UNHCR is one of the world’s principal humanitarian agencies. Its staff of more than 12,088 personnel is helping more than 70.8 million people in 131 countries. Staff members work in a diversity of locations and conditions including in our Geneva- based Headquarters (HQ) and more than 501 field locations.

The primary purpose of the Private Sector Partnership Service (PSP) in UNHCR Thailand is to generate income from individual donors, corporates and foundations, in order to support UNHCR activities worldwide. PSP activities in Thailand include two different main programs: Individual Giving (IG), raising money from individuals both regular and one-off, and Private Philanthropy (PPH) seeking support from companies, foundations, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and High Net-Worth individuals. 

UNHCR began diversifying our acquisition activity across a wider range of channels. This has been implemented through professional face‐to‐face (F2F) interactions with members of the public since May 2008 as part of a global UNHCR strategy of awareness raising and increasing private sector funding. We have tested and run digital marketing since year 2013 and lead generation campaign in year 2015 which means collecting telephone numbers from people who are interested in refugee situation and contacting them using telemarketing service to convert them to become our committed giving donors.

Beginning of 2018, UNHCR Thailand has launched Direct Response TV fundraising which residences in Thailand will see UNHCR fundraising spots on Television that contribute funds for vulnerable children refugees. DRTV is expected to continue to play an important role for donor acquisition in Thailand, especially as a source of new regular givers, as part of diversified acquisition program. In 2020, we will continue Direct Response TV fundraising campaign. UNHCR needs a professional media buying company to provide the services for this campaign. More information can be found on UNHCR globally; and about UNHCR Thailand

Scope of Work:

The appointed vendor is responsible to provide all supervision, equipment, labor and materials necessary to complete the work as described herein. The vendor shall supervise and complete the project using its best skill and attention. The vendor shall furnish management, supervision, coordination, labor and services which (i) expeditiously, economically and properly complete its scope of work, (ii) comply with the requirements of these Terms of Reference. 

All services rendered by the vendor shall be performed by or under the immediate supervision of persons possessing expertise in the discipline of the service being rendered.

UNHCR Thailand is looking for the establishment of Frame Agreement with one or more TV media buying agency/ (ies) to support in the purchase of media across stations in Thailand, in order to: 

ROI should be at least 0.7 at 12 months, 3.0 at 60 months, (inclusive of all program costs) for all years.

The successful bidder(s) will be requested to maintain their quoted price model for the duration of the contract.

Agencies are also requested to indicate in their bids their maximum capacity and availability, as well as to give feedback on the expected percentages and KPI’s in order to get a realistic indication. In addition, the agencies are also required to present their overall strategy for delivering innovative media-buying strategies. Agencies should also provide a minimum threshold is applicable, for monthly and annual media spend in the case that you do not take projects below a certain spending threshold.

Due Date:

December 19th, 2019 at 11:59pm (Thailand time zone)


Christopher Glenission Regional Manager

PSP Asia Telephone: + 632 8403-2256, Local 2150

Relevant agencies worth considering include Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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