Inuvik Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

As Inuvik strives to diversify and enhance its economic potential, the need for a community-supported, municipal-led tourism marketing strategy is critical. Although the strategy will include a range of goals, objectives and tactics to help position Inuvik as a preferred meeting, convention, festival, and incentive travel destination, the focus will be to create an implementable plan with action items for which the Economic Development & Tourism Department, the Town of Inuvik, and other relevant stakeholders can adopt, implement, measure, and assess. Several key areas to be addressed include:

1. Inuvik as a preferred Meetings, Conventions, Festivals, & Incentive Travel Destination

2. Inuvik as a preferred sector or niche “meeting hub” for climate change research, arctic social and physical sciences, space & communications, GIS Mapping,

3. Inuvik as a preferred learning destination for Arctic and/or Indigenous Tourism, Arts, Education & Training

4. Inuvik as a preferred tourism destination for FIT travellers (Road & Air)

For each area listed above the Strategy should define: 

▪ Define Current & Potential Markets

▪ Define Current & Potential Product Experiences

▪ Define Current 

Marketing Programs & Assets For each area listed above the Strategy should also outline:

▪ Strategic Goals 

▪ Action & Implementation Plan (tactics)

▪ Channels & Distribution 

▪ Product/Market Match 

▪ Branding / Messaging / Positioning By means of this project, the Town of Inuvik will utilize the services of an outside firm to facilitate the consultation and development of the strategy, while Town of Inuvik Mayor, Council, and Staff will be responsible for the implementation. Community and stakeholder consultation will be an integral component to the development and successful execution of the strategy.


The Town of Inuvik Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) was approved by Town Council in March in 2010. Resulting from a consultation process engaging a range of community organizations and stakeholders in the Fall of 2009, the ICSP represents the collective visioning of the various partners with the goal of creating a “roadmap for integrating social, cultural, economic, environmental, and planning dimensions.” With the recent economic downturn and decreased activity of natural resource development in the area, Inuvik is now presented with strong motive to seek out new industries and opportunities to diversify and strengthen our economy. In 2015 the Town of Inuvik built on these ideals and completed an Economic Development Strategy that focused on five central key priorities for development: 

• Natural Resources 

• Northern Sciences 

• Tourism 

• Arts, Crafts, & Local Food and 

• Small Business & Entrepreneurship In 2018 a new Mayor and Council took office and re-established their own development and strategic priorities moving forward. Tourism was identified as a strong sector for growth and exploration. New infrastructure such as the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway and a rekindled interest in Canada’s North, has well positioned Inuvik to take advantage of new and existing opportunities by targeting this particular sector.

Scope of Work:

The Town wishes to retain a consultant to work with the Director of Economic Development & Tourism, Town Administration and Town Council.

Phase 1: Background Review 

• Review of past municipal economic and tourism initiatives

• Review of tourism and marketing strategies of other Northern jurisdictions

• Review of local and regional economic profiles, outlooks, and drivers

• Review of current local, territorial,and national tourism marketing efforts

• Review of regional, territorial, national or other relevant tourism strategies and marketing plans

Phase 2: Stakeholder & Community Consultation 

• Stakeholder Interviews 

• Industry Stakeholder Interviews (focus groups, surveys, meetings, telephone interviews)

• Mayor & Council 


• NWT Tourism 

• Inuvialuit Regional Corporation 

• Gwich’in Tribal Council • Nihtat Gwich’in Council

• Inuvik Native Band 

• Inuvik Community Corporation 

• Western Arctic Business Development Corporation

• Local businesses, hotels, tourism operators

• Identification of Community Stakeholders (this will be done in collaboration with the Director of Economic Development & Tourism) (focus groups, surveys, meetings, telephone interviews)

• Community Consultation (open houses, fact sheets,e-updates)

• At least two community consultation sessions including one for the general public and one targeted at Tourism Stakeholders

Phase 3: Findings & Analysis 

• Preliminary Findings Report 

o Summary of Background Review 

o Summary of Stakeholder Interviews

o Summary of Community Consultation

Phase 4: Final Strategy 

For each of the 4 areas (or others revealed during Phases 1-3):

o Identification ofkey recommendations & key performance measures for municipality and community at large

o Identification of short -term (0-6 months) and long term (1-3 year) measurable goals and objectives

o A detailed action & implementation plan for Town Staff

Due Date:

December 20th, 2019 at 3:00pm


Jackie Challis, Director 

Economic Development & Tourism

Town of Inuvik

P.O. Box 1160, 2 Firth Street Inuvik NT X0E 0T0

Phone: 867.777.8632 Fax: 867.777.8601 E-mail:

Relevant agencies to consider include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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