National Civic League Seeks Digital Agency

National Civic League

The National Civic League is seeking a digital agency for a website redesign.

For more than 120 years, the National Civic League has worked to advance good governance and civic engagement to create inclusive, thriving communities. They achieve this by inspiring, supporting and recognizing equitable approaches to community decision-making. Through its signature effort, the All-America City Award and its work on racial healing, sustainability, health equity and fiscal sustainability, NCL supports cities to create a better more equitable and inclusive future. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the National Civic League operates with a full-time staff of six, with two contractors – one focused on marketing and development and the other focused on graphic design.


  • Cities (clients): city managers, agency officials, city council members
  • Community leaders (partners): residents, nonprofits, local businesses
  • Funders (supporters): foundations, corporations, membership associations (International City/County Managers Association), government, NCL members

They want a new website to present National Civic League as a leading civic engagement organization.
They offer a unique balance of more than 120 years of history, as well as, new, innovative approaches to engagement, and want:

  • Audience to be attracted as clients
  • Cities to apply for recognition awards
  • New members to subscribe
  • Target audiences to have access to publications
  • Donors have clarity on how to donate – and inspiration to donate
  • Site provides a platform for hosting engagement resources and connecting users to key tools, publications, stories of innovation, etc.

New Website Functionality Requirements

Need a website that clearly communicates who NCL is and its programs, offerings, and products. An outline of offerings and organizational information, include:

  • Programs
    • All-America City Award
    • All-America Conversations
    • Community Assistance
    • Sustainability
    • Health Equity
    • Racial Healing
  • Communications / Publications
    • National Civic Review
    • E-Newsletter Archive
    • Model City Charter
    • Civic Index
  • Support
    • Memberships
    • Individual Donors
    • Corporate / Foundation Donors
  • About
    • Staff and Bios
    • History
    • Mission

Proposal due by April 1, 2017 to:

Stephanie Fry, Marketing and Development Contractor
190 E. 9th Ave. Suite 200
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-571-4343

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