Top 5 PR Firms in Switzerland


Switzerland is known for many wonderful things, but few people think of Switzerland as a hub for some of the best PR agencies. With local agencies like Open Up, and Lemongrass, and more global agencies like Edelman and Cohn & Wolfe, Switzerland makes a name for itself in the PR world too. Check out some of Switzerland’s best PR agencies below!

Open Up


Open Up

Based in Zurich, Open Up is a PR and communications agency relying on the many skills of its employees to advise and meet the needs of its clients. The agency has been around since 2001 and made a name for itself as one of the most reputable PR agencies in Switzerland. Open Up works with companies of all sizes, from large corporations, all the way down to small nonprofits and even individuals. The agency specializes in corporate communications and journalism.



Named PR Agency of the Year in 2009-2013 by the magazine, “Schweizer Journalist,” Lemongrass has become a reputable agency for those building their brands and improving their PR image. Because of its small size Lemongrass provides the critical analysis and solutions best suited for each client. The firm works with clients of all sizes from large, public companies, to smaller, private companies. It also works with foreign multinationals. Lemongrass specializes in business, politics, and the arts.

Reichl & Partner Communications Group

Reichl & Partner Communications Group

While not headquartered in Switzerland, Reichl & Partner Communications Group is a well-known advertising PR agency in Switzerland specializing in all things PR, including advertising, media planning, direct marketing, e-marketing, event marketing, and even social media. It’s this broad specialization that helped make Reichl & Partner Communications Group a successful, reputable PR firm across borders.

cohn main

Cohn & Wolfe

Based in Geneva, Cohn & Wolfe has impacted the Swiss PR world since 2001. It’s known for being a strategic marketing PR firm working with some of the most well-known brands around the world to manage their PR fronts. The firm relies on it’s tried and true methods to help clients build their brands. Cohn & Wolfe specializes in B2B, B2C, corporate communications, healthcare communications, and technology on both the national and international stage.

Edelman PR


One of the world’s largest PR firms, Edelman, recently acquired an office in Zurich. The successful firm works diligently providing unparalleled PR and marketing assistance to anyone who wants it. Through it’s hard work, Edelman helps countless clients reach their communication and business goals by improving their position on the global stage, re-connect with customers, and build and expand their brand and awareness among the public.

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