New Toyota Prius Brake Problem A Negative PR Nightmare

Toyota Prius recall?

Toyota’s recall woes continue as news about a new brake problem in previously untarnished Prius models surfaces. According to all the buzz about the supposed new issue, Toyota’s recall list may grow still wider. Japan’s transport minsitry has ordered Toyota to check Prius brakes due to reported problems.

Interestingly, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went on record with Bloomberg telling of problems with his 2010 Toyota Prius. Reportedly, his has a propensity for accelerating to almost 100 miles per hour when he engaged his cruise control. First is was floor mates, then another recall for mechanical issues, and now brakes?

The growing Toyota recall list still blames floor mats and sticking brake pedals as main the problems. But this news about the company’s best offering, the Prius, must have shareholders pounding their fists. Toyota simply cannot handle much more negative PR. The brand has already taken a huge hit.

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