Apparently the NYC Taxi Medallion Owners Challenge UBER to a Debate

uber breaking law

The Greater New York Taxi Association (GNYTA), an organization of yellow medallion owners, representing 1800 medallions in New York City and the vast majority of hybrid restricted medallion taxicabs today challenged technology app company UBER to a debate. G.N.Y.T.A. is a progressive owners group which has advanced wheelchair accessible vehicles, clean every vehicle, and safety, health education & services for its drivers.

Mr. Ethan Gerber will represent New York City taxi owners at the time and place Uber accepts.

Mr. Gerber noted today:

“As Uber challenged New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio: Let’s talk, we say on behalf of the yellow industry, “Let’s Talk.” The medallion industry is committed to rule and regulations, and on behalf of law and order we challenge UBER to a debate.

We invite you to do so in a live-streamed conversation so all New Yorkers can watch.

We will challenge you to explain why in countless markets domestically and worldwide Uber is banned and has legal issues in countless other markets.

While you claim this is about New York, we’ll invite you to explain why Uber is fully banned in Eugene Oregon, Nevada, Maharashtra, India, Telengu, India, Karnataka, India, Thailand, Fukuoka, Japan and partially banned in Netherlands, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Western Australia, and Victoria, Australia.

We’ll invite you to explain to all New Yorkers why Uber is banned but operating in Cape Town, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, India, Taiwan and Queensland, Australia, and Uber suspended operations in Anchorage, AK, Portland, Oregon, Tuscaloosa AL, Auburn, Al, San Antonio, TX, Panama city beach, FL, Spain, S. Korea

Explain to the public why thousands of your cars flooding the streets won’t endanger New Yorkers. (Sirs, I drive to and from work every day and am in my car 15 minutes a day – that ain’t the same as Uber on the street 24/7.)

Explain to my fellow New Yorkers what happens if there’s a blackout.  Explain to my fellow New Yorkers how you plan to serve those who don’t have expensive, fancy I-phones.

The Mayor of our fine city doesn’t debate with private corporations, as entrepreneurs, however, we do.

And while you speak about taxi medallion owners donating $500K to the Mayor as part of their civil duty, as employers, residents and parents who care about this city, you can explain how much of the $470 Million Dollars Uber lost last year went to fighting law and order.

We are ready at any time and place.

Perhaps The Chair of New York City Council Transportation Committee, Ydanis Rodriguez can be invited to moderate?”

What are your thoughts on the UBER and NYC Taxi Medallion situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! If you have any tips or comments on the story – please contact use today.

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