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This coming weekend, February 27th, people interested in fast tracking their Internet skills will have a rare opportunity. Dmitry Shapiro, Internet entrepreneur and founder of some of the web’s most innovative technologies, will host an all day seminar at UCLA. This instructional will greatly enhance users’ capabilities for utilizing the web, effectively transforming the average user into a power user.

Dmitry Shapiro founded Veoh, one of the early Web 2.0 startups which helped revolutionize online video viewing. Shapiro is one of the web’s most knowledgeable and skilled technology and business professionals. This all day seminar will offer a unique opportunity for those wanting to hone their skills on the Web. Face it, anyone reading this article has some inkling of the time involved in learning to use the web effectively. If you could have fast tracked many of these abilities from the start, what investment savings such an opportunity would have availed you? You know we are talking about hundreds of hours literally.

Internet Power – Los Angeles Full Day Seminar, hosted by Dmitry Shapiro, will elaborate on the following key fundamental skills for Internet users:

  • Information Search and Utilization – Pinpoint Google Search * Twitter and the Real-Time Web * Alerting, RSS and Standing Searches * Social News and Recommendations * Finding Trends and Site Details
  • Organizing and Managing Information Flow – Power Email Management * Setting Up Live Information Dashboards * Finding Any Email or File in Seconds * Avoiding Information Overload and Time Wasters
  • Participating in Social Media – Creating Your Online Profile * Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Professionally * Online Reputation Management * Getting Things Done via Social Media
  • Leveraging Power Tools – * Must Have Power User Applications * Configuring Your PC for Productivity * Security Techniques that Work * Proven Power User Approaches to Common Problems * Integrating Your Tools

Anyone who uses a computer today can vastly improve their effectiveness and even enjoyment using web learning from one of a leader in digital communications technologies. Shortcuts and fast track techniques can save even the experienced computer user a great many hours, not to mention the frustration, in learning these strategies the hard way – via a painfully slow learning curve most have already experienced.

As a final note, I have known Dmitry Shapiro for several years out of technology testing and coverage of Veoh and other technologies he is involved with. Just the lunch and refreshments offered for this seminar, and the time to sit down and talk is well worth any fees involved. Shapiro is uniquely qualified to help anyone take their Internet dreams to the next level. I actually cannot think of any such opportunity have ever been offered. I personally urge anyone in the Los Angeles area to look into this class.

For the purposes of revealing the depth of this opportunity, I have included several links from articles I have personally written about Shapiro and his capability. Check it out, stuff like this does not come around all that often.

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