Videos Matter More Than Ever For Capturing Attention

TVVideos capture attention more than words…Prognosticators have long said video is the future of the Internet. Not only social media, but of all communication online. The place for video on the Internet, and in the PR game, will continue to move toward the center of most impactful public relations campaigns .   It is exciting, and highly alluring.

Every strong 2014 marketing campaign should have a video component. The generation coming up today is as accustomed to watching videos online as their parents were acclimated to watching movies on their VCRs. They EXPECT to be entertained as they are informed. And, its not just Kate Upton videos — its anything from cute kids videos to content like investor Christopher Burch discussing investment trends.

And, this expectation is growing leaps and bounds in other demographics, too. When someone — anyone — clicks on an article online, they stay longer, on average, if there is a video. A LOT longer. Often, they will watch the video, and then read the article, and THEN comment on the article, and THEN continue to come back, and interact with people on the thread again and again.

We have certainly come a long way from endless chat room threads. People want media, and increasingly, they want dynamic media that comes from video. With the advent of in-feed Facebook videos, and the continued popularity of YouTube, the rate at which plain text will disappear from our communication apparatus is growing steadily. It will never go away completely, of course, but if you want to reach people and make them pay attention, make video part of your story.

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