W20 Group, Ruder Finn & More PR News…

W20 Group, Ruder Finn & More PR News…
W20 Group, Ruder Finn & More PR News…

Bryan Specht appointed W2O’s Group President for Transformation, Consumer Activation, and Marketing

W2O, the leading independent provider of analytics-driven, digital-first marketing communications to the healthcare industry, has announced that Bryan Specht will take on the role of transforming consumer activation ad marketing.

Specht’s role will involve expanding the already wide-ranging healthcare offering, which will include even more tech-enabled, consumer-focused, and digital capabilities. This way, the company is going to speed up its transformation into a digital healthcare organization.

The company already had five acquisitions during the previous few months, which are aimed at enabling further consumerization of healthcare, which has recently been accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Rowan Benecke Leaving Ruder Finn

Rowan Benecke, the first chief growth officer for Ruder Finn, who joined the company in September 2018, has now resigned. He stated that he was proud of what he, and the company, managed to accomplish during his tenure, including achieving double-digit growth in the past year.

Previously to working at Ruder Finn, Benecke had worked at Burson Cohn & Wolfe as the global technology chair role since 2014. A month after leaving the company, he joined Ruder Finn in a position that was newly created just for him. During his time at this firm, he grew the business globally, and also managed to internally integrate technology across some of Ruder Finn’s core practices.

National Board Member Additions to Hispanic Public Relations Association

Recently, the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), announced that it would be making a dynamic change to the national board of directors, by adding five leading industry professionals to its mix.

Joining its national board of directors includes Alejandra Molinari, the Senior PR Communications Manager at Intuit; Carla Santiago, the Acting General Manager at Edelman; Carlos Correcha-Price, the Chief Executive officer-USA at LLYC; Darcy Brito, the Business PR Manager at Aflac; as well as Oscar Suris, the Executive Managing Director at Zeno Group.

The newest members are part of an expanded board of directors, who are all working to bring important contributions both to the organization, as well as the industry itself, during these difficult times.

Hudson Cutler Named Global AOR to MedSign

Hudson Cutler & Co. has been named as the global PR AOR to the telehealth startup MedSign. The main product by the startup is the Qortex Telehealth System, which is a camera and digital hub combination specifically designed so that elderly people can be remotely visited by their doctors and any other health providers, all through their TVs.

Robin Sharp, who’s the VP of marketing, PR, and media at the company, stated that the organization is working with the Departments of Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs B2B, however, they were planning on switching to a consumer-facing strategy (B2C). This is why they instilled the services of Hudson Cutler last month, who would be doing an integrated campaign across a multitude of channels.

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