Who Needs PR?

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While plenty of business owners seek  to get as much PR coverage as possible, not everyone needs it as much as they might think. Some industries don’t need to have much PR and might  achieve even more public exposure by investing in their advertising.

On the other hand, some industries do best in front of the media. Whether it’s because they’re experts in a particularly complex field, or because they have insider knowledge about certain subjects that  affect  people’s lives. These types of businesses should have an easier time connecting with the public.

Then, there are businesses that strive for media coverage but haven’t been successful in their efforts. For them, there’s a certain approach that could improve the chances of getting media coverage, but they need to have the right elements to create a news story.

Research and Data

Data for data’s sake isn’t valuable to anyone, but if data or research from a business can add more weight to a news story, then it  becomes more valuable.  Many  journalists love data when it comes to covering stories about businesses.

However, these days it’s easy for companies to gather data. For data and businesses to get media coverage, they  should provide people with new information or reinforce statements about  contemporary topics or subjects. Research for data should tell the public something that they don’t already know.

Many companies already do a lot of research that will support their business decisions. When business owners look into that research or that data they could possibly find the story that’s good enough for media coverage.

Good Information

Some industry people possess or have access to higher levels of information not always available to the public, which makes them valuable as sources of information that affect the public.

The same thing can be said about  business owners that have information that could be valuable to the public because of their experience or expertise. If a business owner isn’t able to get media coverage, sometimes it’s because they’re not sharing valuable information with the public – and that’s often because they don’t know that they have this information from their own research that they should look through again.


Public  relations  is about telling stories to  media outlets and the public. Those that don’t have interesting, or more valuable stories to share will not be able to get media coverage. These are the types of businesses that would do better with investing in advertising instead of PR.

However, for business owners looking to create great stories from l the data and valuable information they have, their stories should have certain characteristics. The story should have a positive and inspiring effect on other people. It should also be simple, as a lot of journalists don’t have the time to cover a long and complicated story. All in all, the story should be valuable, interesting, and to the point, to get it in front of people.

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