World Cup Buzz Goes on, with Loud Vuvuzela Tunes

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Rough time for the World Champions, who might be forced to head back home if the match with Slovakia turns in the favor of the underdog. About now it’s pretty clear that Uruguay will defeat Korea, USA will triumph against Ghana, Maradona’s dream boys have a real shot at glory and Germany will be sending England back home (or will they?). But the situation for the other groups still lingers, yet you can be sure that Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal and Chile will meet the highest of your expectations.

Still I am not here to make prognostics, but to take a look at the parties who are taking advantage of this competition to market their own brands.

Stardock, maker of War of Magic PC Game, has recently released a free de-Vuvuzela app for PC – something as pointless as giving out free air, in my view, but since it’s the season to play the most annoying tune known to man, why not? Someone had to get rid of it, at least on PCs. The Devuvzelator, as they call their “innovation” is a “run it and done” solution for canceling out the sound of the popular vuvuzela horn heard during World Cup matches and requires no installation. It will obviously only work if you watch the World Cup on your PC.

And while we discuss the love-hate relationship between fans and vuvuzelas, especially for the haters, there’s a newly-released game on an iPhone app in town, and it’s “only 99 cents”: Vuvuzaga – the ‘parody’. I am really curious how many they sell, and what will come out after the World Cup fever fades off. But the effort put into the development of this game is worthy of four minutes of your time.

On the other hand, if you love the vuvuzelas there’s an up to satisfy your fancy as well. – “PocketVuvu” was created for the iPhone and allows you to bring the tradition of the Vuvuzela into your home at a not-so-annoying noise level. It will pretty much sound like a crazy mosquito… but at least is free. PocketVuvu, developed by Pereira & O’Dell, is available for free download on iTunes.

The dramatic turnout for England at this World Cup doesn’t go off quietly on the continent, and many companies in the UK capitalize on this drama. Like stages Kitbag, which are offering 15% off England’s World Cup shirts and kit right up until kick-off at 3pm on Wednesday. The press release announcing this “generous” offer was brilliantly titled Kitbag Try to Reignite Passion in England by Offering 15% Off. A brilliant strategy to boost sales, don’t you think? Convince the desperate fans believe that passion can be ignited by purchasing discounted apparel. I know what would reignite this passion, and it’s not a pretty red shirt, but heck, you gotta give it to Kitbag, they know how to capitalize on disasters.

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