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Shamin AbasHailing from Llandegtan, a Welsh Village, Shamin Abas grew up an innate lover of horses and dance. Having a natural ethnic beauty and expressing a talent for dance set Abas apart from her peers in her early years. Her British mother was a jazz singer turned homemaker, and her father was a math professor of Persian descent. At the age of 14, Abas became a dance student at the London Dance Academy.

Abas’ dance talent and attractive looks landed her a position with a Caribbean cruise line as a performer. She was based in Miami, Florida. During her off time, Abas planned her future dream of a career in PR. While performing on the cruise line, she met her first husband and relocated with him to Detroit, Michigan. Using her British accent and unique style for fashion, Abas landed a position with Chrysler’s media relations as the auto giant’s spokes model.

Later, Abas moved to New York, finding work as a voiceover artist using her alluring British accent. While in New York she also developed a circle of notable contacts leading her to delve into her dream career in PR.

In 2005, Abas launched her name as a publicist by organizing a Palm Beach fundraiser for Russell Simmons’s New York City-based Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Abas recalls the event as “part of my mission to prove to everyone else around the nation that Palm Beach wasn’t old and stodgy.” Her success there led her to shoe designer Sam Edelman, who hired her to coordinate his South Florida appearances. Edelman was drawn to Abas because of shared interests in the equestrian and fashion worlds.

Moving onward rapidly, Abas produced the inaugural event of Rush’s Art for Life Palm Beach at Mar-a-Lago. The guest of honor at the event was Sean “Diddy” Combs with notable guests Donald and Melania Trump, Venus and Serena Williams, and Star Jones. This event raised $450,000 and earned a spotlight on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.

Zimmerman Advertising

zimmerman pr agencyThe notoriety earned Abas her first big break with Jordan Zimmerman – founder and chairman of Ft. Lauderdale’s Zimmerman Advertising. Zimmerman found her focused, committed, and honest in her aggressive PR approach. Zimmerman Advertising generates over $2.5 billion in revenue and employs more than 1,500 employees.

Renowned for being “the retail growth machine” Zimmerman is owned by Omnicom-Group, the nation’s leading retail brand builder networking marketing and communications in over 100 countries. Having office locations nationwide, Zimmerman is one of the top advertising agencies in the U.S, The firm’s Brandtailing™ methodology for promoting brands earned Zimmerman the client loyalty of retailing names such as Nissan, The Fresh Market, Party City, Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston Market, AutoNation, Chico’s, and Michaels.

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