AffClicks Releases App for Affiliate Marketers


AffClicks provides profitability analytics for affiliate marketers.

AffClicks has recently announced the official launch of a public beta of their web analytics app. AffClicks will perform several functions for professional affiliate marketers such as network commission aggregation; PPC bid management, ROI analysis and search phrase analytics.

Unlike other analytics tools that focus on traffic metrics, AffClicks is a profitability analysis tool, that downloads cost data from you PPC ad campaigns at regular, user-defined intervals and analyses the cost data from the overall campaign level through to the keyword phrase level. The platform then compares all data against commission data downloaded and aggregated from AffClicks’ many supported affiliate networks, which include Affiliate Window, Commission Junction, Webgains, TradeDoubler, Paid On Results, Affiliate Future, Zanox, Buy.At, AdTraction, LinkShare, Commission Monster and ClixGalore.

AffClicks is also integrated into Google’s Adwords platform and will be integrated into Microsoft’s PPC service, Adcenter, in the second quarter of 2012. In addition to the standard PPCcampaign management functions,the AffClicks interface contains several additional features and that are affiliate-friendly, including the ability to sort keywords, campaigns and adgroups by net profit or loss.

AffClicks users can raise or lower their keyword bids in real time, setting their levels according to the profitability of each individual keyword or delete them altogether if they are making losses. Users can quickly determine which aspects of their campaigns are cash cows – and which are loss-making or profit neutral – and adjust their keyword lists and PPC budgets accordingly.

Last, but not least, AffClicks can be also used for SEO purposes, to determine which search terms are turning a profit so you can focus your SEO effort on the pages/products that are converting well.

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