APCO Worldwide vs. Waggener Edstrom: Twitter Showdown

Edelman, APCO Worldwide, Waggener Edstrom, Ruder Finn, W2O Group, Weber Shandwick, Fleishman-Hillard, Burston Marsteller, and MWW PR, these companies sit at the top of the public relations food chain with some others. But just how competitive are these and others when it comes to their digital footprint? We have discussed this many times, but only now can we present them using visual.ly to enhance the results visually.

Here are our first two super powers in the real of PR, in all their Tweeted glory. For a brief evaluation, please scroll to the bottom.

— Apco Worldwide Versus Waggener Edstrom on Twitter —

PR Showdown

Follow – As you can see, over the last four weeks Waggener Edstrom has edged out APCO Worldwide across several categories. Most notable of these overall is their fan base of 7,000 plus compared to APCO’s 2k followers. For companies of this size and reach, neither is what anyone would call prolific.

Listening Post – One thing we do not agree with in visual.ly’s comparative is the connotation of Follower:Following Ratio. As you can see with APCO and WE, APCO’s is much lower by these standards. This is not necessarily a positive. You see, APCO is theoretically “listening” to twice as many or more people. Still, accounts with higher ratios tend to be immensely more popular, a bit like celebs.

Now that you mention it: – Both companies get about the same number of MT’s, this variable would seem to fluctuate with the news too. However, in the MT’s per tweet category, WE pulls far ahead relative to their tweet volume.

Timing is nearly everything – As you can see, PR companies tend to love Thursdays. This is partly true because of the nature of social media. Traditional news days are Tuesday and Thursday, for journalists anyhow. Where SM is concerned though, the day before Friday and the start of the weekend is where the highest traffic tends to fall. This aspect is more a novel bit if info for this matchup however.

Note: In fairness, it is appropriate to point out Waggener Edstrom has many regional and topical Twitter accounts.

Who won? WE by the weight of the popularity and mentions (chatter about them), but only by a bit. APCO, while numerically at a disadvantage, has a compact engagement that is very relevant.

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