Social Media Creating Bold, New Criminals

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
Craig Lynch criminal everything-pr

It turns out, Craig Lynch may very well be the John Dillinger of the new age. I jokingly made a similar remark when first reporting on Lynch's fugitive protagonism, but weeks later the story is still very real. And Craig Lynch? He's growing in popularity. Months after escaping a low-security prison outside of Suffolk, England, Lynch began to gain attention as a criminal on the run. the attention came from his updated statuses on his Facebook profile. Now with thousands of people following him on Facebook and MySpace, Craig Lynch has become the modern version of a folk hero. Lynch... Read More >

Create, Send, Track Email Campaigns with Swiftpage

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
swiftpage reports

Swiftpage is one of those "must have" or "must use" applications for professional communicators. In this age dominated by real-time communications, video conferencing, webinars, Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave, email marketing still has its place. This is what Swiftpage is all about: smart email marketing strategies. This is a company that carefully selects its customers, to ensure that it is never associated with spammy techniques. The service provided, a combination application and online platform, is richer than other email marketing solutions available, and the costs for communicators are kept as low as possible. Swiftpage offers a stand-alone online email service... Read More >

Mariah Carey Acceptance Speech Puzzles Press

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff

The fine people of the press were left in confusion after witnessing Mariah Carey’s 7-minute acceptance speech during Tuesday night’s Palm Springs International Film Festival in California. Carey had won the Breakthrough Performance Award for her part as a social worker in the film Precious. PEOPLE Magazine reported that Carey “never quite managed to finish her sentence that began, "Please forgive me because I am a little bit..." So as the news spins, the wheels turn in the heads of those who witnessed her scattered and confusing rambling of a speech, resulting in the quest to get to the bottom... Read More >

Will TV Die in the Future?

2010-01-06 by EPR Staff
Apple TV

Current trends for broadcast television aren't looking too good for 2010. With new technology always on the horizon, and improved methods for quicker implementation, the possibility of broadcasters to finally make a shift into the digital era may actually become a reality in the coming year. A recent article on msnbc highlights the glory days of broadcast television, harking on the magic the small screen once held over an entire nation. Broadcast television was our social networking, aggregating viewers around the television at appointed times each evening. The office copy room became the watering hole for discussing all the things... Read More >

Virtual Currency Gets a Video Boost for Gamers

2010-01-06 by EPR Staff

gWallet, the virtual currency platform designed for social media integration, has teamed up with ten major brands to launch its new video offering. The idea behind the new videos are a multimedia experience tied in with social gaming and advertising, engaging players beyond basic offerings typically found in their casual games. As with several other virtual currency platforms, gWallet incorporates offerings from advertisers into a social, casual gaming experience to reward the gamers themselves. Between their participating in the offerings and other activity-oriented rewards programs, gamers can rack up points, currency credits and other game-related items to use for advancing.... Read More >

Mercury Media Agency of Record for

2010-01-06 by EPR Staff
Mercury Media Agency Logo, an online personalized nutrition site for those trying to lose weight, has just hired Mercury Media their new advertising agency of record. The communications company will be handling direct response TV advertising for the company. To promote the company's latest offer, they will be purchasing ads on television and other media. “ has a great opportunity to attract new customers through a series of strategic television and online media buys across national media markets,” says Mercury Media VP & Director of Client Service Kristi Tropp. “We are excited to implement our highly targeted media buying strategy to increase their... Read More >

NBC’s New Domain for its @BreakingNews Twitter Stream

2010-01-05 by EPR Staff

MSNBC has acquired the URL, making the site a new destination for accessing news leads as they emerge. The site accompanies the @breakingnews Twitter stream that MSNBC assumed responsibility for late last year, making the acquisition the latest in the news network's efforts towards re-branding for the digital age. The new site isn't entirely different from the @breakingnews Twitter stream, which is just one part of a growing system towards the MSNBC Digital Network. Recent news stories from aggregate sources are time-date stamped and clearly outlined per their headlines, leaving a simple interface for cross-promoting between the new... Read More >

Mobile Shopping Apps to Inherit the Future?

2010-01-04 by EPR Staff
Mobile Shopping

A recent study from claims that more and more shoppers are getting comfortable making online purchases from their smart phones. The survey shows that approximately 37% of smart phone users have purchased something with their devices in the last 6 months. More popular items include music, books, DVDs, movie tickets and video games. Given our recent departure from the holiday season's shopping madness, it's becoming increasingly evident of the growing necessity for brands, advertisers and retailers to focus on mobile strategies for the future. Ongoing support of online shopping, being pushed from the more secure online banking industry and... Read More >

Class Action Lawsuit Looking to Make an Example of RockYou

2010-01-01 by EPR Staff

RockYou could land itself in some hot water, after having a suit brought against it alleging that the social app developer does not do enough to protect the contact information and passwords of its users. After a hacker accessed RockYou to tap into a database holding the email addresses and passwords of 32 million users, the class action suit was brought about by Alan Claridge, of Evansville, IN. The California-based RockYou is facing charges of "recklessly and knowingly" leaving personally identifiable information unprotected by hackers, appearing to take ongoing measures to avoid the activity of the average hacker from getting... Read More >

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