The Power of Impromptu Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

The Super Bowl is the high point of sports in the country. Many Americans think of the Super Bowl as an unofficial national holiday, and it’s second only to Thanksgiving as the largest day of food consumption in America. But one feature the Super Bowl is also well-known for the ads big companies preview for fans.

Super Bowl ads have become such a big part of pop culture that even people with little care for football still watch the game to see what kind of ads companies offer. Companies pay a hefty price for this honor, ranging from $4.5 to $5 million. So when one company received an unplanned advertising slot for free, people started talking.

Bud Says they did not Pay Peyton

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During a brief interview with a CBS correspondent, Peyton Manning let the world know that he intended to celebrate by drinking “a lot of Budweiser” that night. Unfortunately, the advertisement did raise some issues, as the NFL players are not allowed to endorse companies who make alcoholic beverages, while on air.

A spokeswoman for the well-known beer company informed the public he was not paid to endorse the brand though she was happy he did. In spite of this announcement, many people wonder if he did it because of his alleged financial stake in the company, or because he genuinely enjoys the product.

There is no telling what was going through Peyton’s mind at the moment but whatever the reason both Peyton and Anheuser-Busch can enjoy the free publicity.

Benefits to the Brand

Peyton’s words of praise to the beer company provided free advertising worth $5 million in advertising expenses that night. Many aspiring athletes look to icons in sports to mirror their diet in hopes of mirroring their fitness, and talent. By letting the world know Bud represented a big part of his “celebratory diet” on the second-biggest consumption day of the year, Peyton sent a powerful message.

Fans who cannot celebrate with him also got the opportunity to celebrate like him by knowing what brand of beer he drinks. This creates a similar effect to when fans discover their celebrities wear a fashion line, use a certain make-up, frequent a specific restaurant chain, or prefers a certain kind of coffee. While the public cannot mirror the flashy lifestyle, they can make these smaller purchases.

Celebrity lifestyles often represent an unattainable level of opportunities for the general public. And as this group of people can afford to have the best, the public expects them to only buy and support the best. So, when a celebrity endorses a product whether for pay or by choice, it sends a message to the public that this brand is the best of the best

Potential Disadvantages for the Brand

Budweiser Super Bowl

Companies and public figures could receive bad publicity through endorsement from celebrities whose reputations do not fit their brand message. For example, musicians Aerosmith, R.E.M., and Adele were all outraged to find Donald Trump playing their music at his rallies.

When Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler found out Trump obtained licensing rights for his song “Dream On,” he had the Broadcasting Music Inc. pull back the licensing. R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe took to Twitter to express his refusal to play a part in Trump’s campaign.

In spite of all this, when the brand and celebrity endorsement match, the partnership can prove beneficial to both. Not only will the company enjoy increased sales, but celebrities build relationships with fans through shared interests.

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