City of Moncton Issues Marketing & Communication RFP

City of Moncton Issues Marketing & Communication RFP
City of Moncton Issues Marketing & Communication RFP

  • The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to invite submissions from qualified, professional marketing and communication consulting firms to provide a Proposal, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions, Specifications, Terms of Reference, Drawings / Plans, and Appendices stated herein, to assist the City of Moncton with the development and deployment of a marketing and communications program for its Economic Development and Immigration Division.
  • A full-service Agency of Record (AoR) will produce strategic, innovative, imaginative and effective creative, marketing and communications materials and campaigns to market Moncton’s economic development and immigration initiatives to targeted audiences.
  • The Moncton region is considered as having one of the most diverse economies in the Atlantic region. Therefore, the projects assigned to the successful Proponent under the scope of this agreement will include tactics for business attraction, retention and expansion, and to support immigration to the Moncton area. The successful Proponent will be required to assist the City in the development and execution of strategic and creative services to better position the City as an attractive and welcoming community for potential immigrants.
  • The selected AoR will be responsible for advancing an engaging and dynamic “brand” for the City’s Economic Development (ED) Division and leveraging the City’s current corporate branding. The ED Division’s new brand will, in turn, be used in the development of marketing strategies, campaigns and communication plans. The successful AoR will also be responsible for creating and managing social media, sourcing and purchasing photography services, media advertising, artwork design services, engraving services, etc., when required, as well as advancing the web presence for the Economic Development Division’s online content.


The City of Moncton is located in the County of Westmorland, in the southeast corner of the province of New Brunswick, Canada and has a population of approximately seventy two thousand (72,000). Due to its central location, Moncton is often referred to as the “Hub of the Maritimes”. Local industry includes transportation and warehousing, administration, government, education, distribution, teleservices, manufacturing, construction and service.

The City of Moncton is also the economic and commercial center of Atlantic Canada, with a number of key qualities that make it one of the best places in the region to live, work, and do business. Through more than six hundred (600) staff, and a strong City Council, the City is responsible for all major services and programs offered to the residents of Moncton, such as:

  • Economic Development and Immigration Programs
  • Festivals and Events
  • Parks and Leisure Services
  • Tourism and Culture Programs
  • Street Maintenance
  • Public Parking and Traffic Control
  • Garbage Removal
  • Building Inspection / Permits
  • Zoning Requests
  • By-Law Enforcement
  • Water and Sewer Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Public Transit Services

Scope of Work:

The City of Moncton is seeking the services of a professional, experienced, full-service marketing and communications agency to assist in the development and execution of strategic and creative services related to increasing business and immigration traffic to the City of Moncton.

The selected Agency of Record (AoR) will be responsible for the strategic creative and content management of a communications program and implementation plan, and the branding of the City’s ED Division (“Moncton Wins”), which in turn will be used for the development of such items as marketing materials, banner bugs, proposals, presentations, hand-out leaflets, profile sheets or folder packages, website, social media, promotional items and relocation packages.

From an economic development and immigration perspective, the primary focus of these marketing and communication activities are to encourage new investment, workforce attraction and immigration, and supporting existing businesses with their expansion needs. The activities shall also be designed to assist small businesses and new entrepreneurs to establish locally in Moncton.

Due Date:

July, 19, 2019







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