Coyne PR: Tom Coyne & The Saga of a Jersey Boy Who Made It

Who is Tom Coyne?

Tom Coyne (aka Thomas F. Coyne) has worn many hats in his lifetime, but none have fit better than PR. In 1991, he founded Coyne Public Relations LLC, where he is the CEO today. PR made it on Tom’s radar during his time at Marist College – majoring in communications with an emphasis on public relations.

tom coyne of coyne pr

Coyne Public Relations – Services

Tom Coyne’s PR firm offers many strategic marketing services and is fully dedicated to helping organizations and individuals deliver their messages to core audiences. Coyne focuses specific messages from his clients through diverse mediums, ranging from launching new products nationwide to crisis management during delicate situations.

Coyne PR has worked with clients such as The Walt Disney Company, Shell Lubricants, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup Company, Verizon, Medco Health Solutions, Newell-Rubbermaid, General Mills, Cendant and Hard Rock International.

Part of the secret of Mr. Coyne’s success is a direct result of his strategy – he focuses on being an ideal employer.

Tom Coyne – CEO of Coyne Public Relations

In his own words, “If we are the best place to work for, we will get the best people. If we have the best people, we will get the best clients. If we have the best people and clients, how can we not be the best agency in America?” With a mindset like this, Coyne is likely to create the best agency in the world, given the time and resources. He certainly has the drive.

Coyne Public Relations Tom CoyneFor this reason, he works diligently creating the best working environment possible. He provides great work-life balance, summer Fridays, surprise days off, unlimited sick days, and office activities just for the fun of it. It’s a great place to work for some folks – less so for others.

Of course, putting people first starts with his employees, but it also extends to his clients.

Tom’s approach to, “Treat people like people,” is all about compassion, communication, and honesty. On VlogViews, he stated:

 “You have to really be honest, especially in social media. You’ve got to be willing to answer the tough questions from consumers. The second thing you want to keep in mind, what does your client want to get out of it? Are they looking to sell product, get to know consumers, looking for consumer feedback? The next step to me is always measurement…it’s even more important to be constantly measuring, because you get live updates in real time, which can change strategy.”

As a result of his constant desire to do better work, and improve the firm’s offerings, Coyne PR grew to include more than just traditional PR. The firm now provides social media management services, and also includes a highly qualified media and advertising team. Coyne PR provides an impressive package of public relations services including product launches, brand building, SEO optimization, social media support, and press kits.

This hard work and perseverance has not gone unnoticed. The privately held firm earned over 750 awards, honors and titles in the past ten years. Some of these include “Best Agency to Work for in America” and “Midsize Agency of the Year”. This is an impressive feat for a firm employing less than 200 employees.

Despite this amazing success, Tom Coyne expects nothing but humanity from his people. Standards are high but realistic and direction oriented; as far as successful strategies go, you can’t argue with his results.

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