Debate on Obamacare Continues

Cathy RuseAs the debate about Obamacare continues, Family Research Council’s (FRC) Senior Legal Fellow Cathy Ruse, Esq. (at left) spoke at a rally today outside the U.S. Capitol calling on Congress to exempt Americans from impending Obamacare regulations, as President Obama has similarly exempted corporations.

Indeed, America seems to be divided on Obamacare, and one wonders if the American government will be shut down as a result of the debate.  While Obama supporters have naturally been vocally in support, opponents have included Jay Sekulow to the ACLJ, and today the FRC rally was held, where Ruse said:

“As a mom, I stand against Obamacare because I care about my daughters’ future. I want them to have the freedom to choose the best doctor they can find, and to get the medical care they need, when they need it. Obamacare is a threat to that freedom. As a lawyer, I stand against Obamacare because it’s an unprecedented power-grab by the federal government. The Founders of this country never envisioned the federal government reaching so deeply into our personal lives.As a Catholic, I stand with the millions of religious Americans who believe the government should not force individuals or organizations to violate their faith or face serious fines. The HHS mandate does just that.”

One can be confident in knowing that indeed this isn’t the last debate on the issue at the U.S. Capital.

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