The Future of Processed Foods

The Future of Processed Foods

Processed foods globally should see a year-over-year growth of about 1.6% moving from the 2016 value of $4.6 trillion to $4.675 trillion in 2017. Though from one type of food to another growth patterns can differ widely. We all know that food can be about a lot more than sustaining the body; for many it’s a social experience, a comfort when hard times happen, a way to celebrate or commiserate…and of course sustaining our need for energy. That’s not going to change but look for some of those items to take on more importance to many consumers.

Healthy Choices

A few decades ago, eating what we now consider a healthy and balanced diet was considered by many as “hippy-dippy.” Now, especially in western culture, we are adjusting tastes even more toward healthy options, even of our comfort foods. But no matter where you look, at least in first- and second-world countries, just about any “healthy” choice can be bought online and delivered quickly, making it easier to eat according to any gluten-free, low-carb, or vegan diet and get more than basics, including all the joys of desserts, pasta swaps, and other options.

Meals Ready to Make

There are a variety of companies now that also will ship all the fresh ingredients needed to make particular meals. Most of them let customers choose from among specific meals, how often and how many are shipped, and for a reasonable price. The shopping is all done, and all it takes is a bit of prep and cooking time before it’s ready for consumption. Some of these companies include Freshly, Plated, and Hello Fresh.

There’s also several companies that ship freshly made frozen meals to follow specific eating plans such as Freshology and BistroMD. There’s also the less fresh option that includes some canned and dehydrated options like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig.

Meals at Home Essentials

Businesses that provide food for our time at home, as opposed to café’s, restaurants, delis, and such, will probably do the best when they remember a few basics. Make it easy, comforting, reasonably healthy, and delicious. Companies mentioned above use these tools by doing the shopping and/or prep work for their customers. They perfect healthy recipes, so they taste good and often feel comforting as well.

In our fast-paced world, people want more than good, they want fast and easy too. When people come home from a full day of work and fighting traffic, they don’t want to spend another 30-60 minutes figuring out what to eat and then making it. They want a good option they can make quickly and with which they’ll feel satisfied when they are done. Provide fast and delicious processed foods and you’ll be on your way to success.

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