What Makes a good PR Agency?

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Your company has been growing, and you recognize that for further growth, you need help getting information out there. But you want the right kind of information, not just running advertisements. You want articles, reports, and blog posts that provide glowing reviews about your products and services with an air of neutrality from the writer or reporter.

So maybe it’s time to bring a PR firm into the mix. However, you’ve never had to hire a public relations expert before, so what do you need to ask and determine to get a great fit for your company?


Is someone in their agency familiar and passionate about what you offer?

You do not want to have to teach your PR representative all about the ins and outs of your company and the products you provide. This may be one of the most important items to discover as you talk with people. Check out your competition and see what kind of PR is being done for them and who does it. Not to hire the same firm, but it should give you some idea of questions to ask and what other interests their experts have for you to explore.

How quickly do they respond to your calls or emails?

You need to know that the firm you hire will be available to you when you need them, not a few days later. In this world of global reach through social media and the Internet, if something negative happens that is attributed to your firm or product, you will need immediate responses and action from your PR firm. If they are unwilling to respond quickly to you when you consider hiring them, will it be any better when your company is about to go down the tubes because of a bad report going viral?

What is their reputation with the media?

You need to know if they are highly respected by the media outlets and writers or journalists.
When you verify these three points, you will have a firm you can build a lasting PR relationship with as you continue to build your business.

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