Holiday Inn’s Ultimate Hospitality, Human Bed Warmers

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In travel news a heart warming story from Manchester England tells of a unique innovation by none other than Holiday Inn. According to the news, guests in  London and Manchester can now have a human bedwarmer. You read that right, human beings to warm your bed with their body heat. Talk about luxurious and exclusive service. Holiday Inn’s efforts to warm up sleepy visitors to England’s frigid temperatures this year go beyond heartwarming into a sort of “fuzzy decadence” for hotels.

On request, Holiday Inn will have members of its staff climb into furry suits, and then slip between your sheets to warm your bed and your heart. Whether or not they warm anything else is not revealed, of course. The fleece lined human bed warmers then lounge in your bed until the temperature beneath the covers reaches 20 degrees C. Of course, should Holiday Inn choose to employ the likes of Angelina Jolie or her look alike, business class customers may need the highly popular “Holiday Inn Bed Cooler” for guests to be comfortable.

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Angelina: “That manager, leave early indeed!”

All laughable thoughts aside, Holiday Inn has not said why they have chosen to use humans rather than electric or other methods. But then, human bed warmers is a little bit more of a PR punch isn’t it? The hotel chain also reportedly employed the services of sleep expert Chris Idzikowski, who confirmed the human bed warmers may help people sleep. Of course this is not rocket science is it? Let’s see, a warm bed as opposed to a freezing cold crypt? Which would promote sleep better?

Well, Holiday Inn did actually report that the human bed warmers actually leave before the guests arrive for bed. But imagine a sultry feminine figure leaving your room just as you enter (or even the opposite imagery) how well would that business man sleep in that case? For a sheep like me, it seems the fleece suit is the key element. Hey! Maybe Holiday Inn should have live sheep bed warmers. Especially since us sheep seldom tell.

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