Hummingbird Media PR Adds Sennheiser As Client

Hummingbird Media

Sennheiser, a well known manufacturer of audio products, has just hired Hummingbird Media to work with them as their agency of record. The PR company will be working on U.S. based promotion of the company’s products, increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

“While Sennheiser is considered a leading consumer electronics brand in Europe, there is tremendous upside potential to scale Sennheiser’s brand awareness in the U.S. Our objective is simple: we want to make a much broader consumer population aware of both the value and quality that Sennheiser offers — especially as it relates to its headphones, which are superior among the landscape of competitors.” said Jeff Touzeau, president of Hummingbird Media.

Sennheiser has just completed a special event, The Sennheiser Sound Tour, which was handled locally by Hummingbird Media. The company did such a good job of the publicity for the campaign that Sennheiser has decided to hire them on officially. Hummingbird Media specializes in communications services. The agency has worked with a number of companies in the audio, electronic and networking industries and has the experience necessary to promote their newest client.

Sennheiser provides the world with quality sound equipment, including microphones, radios and more.

Stefanie Reichert, vice president of strategic marketing for Sennheiser, commented: “As we look to centralize our PR efforts across our product lines, we will look to Hummingbird Media to help us increase brand awareness and market positioning in the U.S. We had a very positive experience working with Hummingbird Media on the Sennheiser Sound Tour this past summer, and remain impressed with the firm’s strategic approach and capabilities — particularly in emerging communications mediums and analytics.”

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