State Bank of India Issues Public Relations RFP

state bank of india

The State Bank of India has issued an RFP for a full service Public Relations Agency.

The assignment includes to assist in reorienting the Bank’s corporate communication efforts by drawing up a long term communication strategy.

Assignment includes:

  • To increase visibility and mold opinion among its various stakeholders i.e customers, investors, Government and public at large
  • Media relations:  To maintain excellent media relations to ensure adequate and Positive media coverage about the bank
  • To disseminate information on national basis or locally in various media i.e. print, electronic, digital and any other emerging media through press releases including emerging modes of communications.
  • Assist in managing one to one relationships of the management with all identified media professionals relevant to the Bank apart from managing all media events including one-to-one meetings/interviews of the authorized spokesperson of the Bank.
  • To provide and maintain an updated list of media professionals relevant to the Bank.
  • Assist Bank for its presence in digital and/ or social media and any other emerging media.
  • To track mainline, regional business and Crisis Communication Trade Publications, magazines along with electronic and digital media to monitor specific coverage and perceptions about the Bank on a day to day basis.
  • To submit a comprehensive report at the end of every month giving detailed coverage for the Bank and analysis of the same in print, electronic and digital media vis-à-vis its major competitors.
  • To handle and bring to the notice of the Bank any coverage that is detrimental to the interest of the Bank. Prepare a proactive strategy for crisis communication and chalk out the key message, communication plan and ensure effective implementation of the plan for desired results.
  • To assist the Bank in publishing internal House Journals / Magazines, employee Communications and similar other.
  • To generate adequate unpaid coverage across different media for new product launches and any tactical / strategic announcements; provide media training programmes for authorized spokespersons of the Bank. To devise communication strategy for better investor and analyst relations.
  • To provide competitive information on a periodic basis.

RFP’s are due by August 31 to:

Marketing & Communications Department State Bank of India

State Bank Bhavan, 8th Floor, Corporate Centre,

Madame Cama Road,

Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

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