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Franklin County, Kansas is seeking a public relations and marketing agency to promote tourism to the region. Franklin County is a historic Kansas community located approximately 50 miles south of downtown Kansas City.   With a population of over 25,000, the county is home to eight incorporated communities, with Ottawa, the largest community, serving as County seat.  The County is also well positioned to serve as a launch point for other tourism destinations in the region including the Kansas City Metropolitan area, Lawrence, home to the University of Kansas, several area recreational destinations such as Pomona Reservoir and Melvern Lake, and numerous historical sites related to the early American frontier and the abolitionist movement to abolish slavery.

The county is in need of tourism, promotion, marketing and event services in order to create and implement multi-media tourism marketing services that will result in increased tourism business and number of tourists to Franklin County.  Contractors will be required to manage and operate the Franklin County Visitors Information Center, as well as assist with managing special events and assist area festival and event organizers with marketing and promotional efforts of those events.


1)  Create, present and implement a comprehensive Tourism/Promotion/Marketing strategy for Franklin County;

2)  Work collaboratively with a variety of local organizations and events for the promotion of Franklin County and its communities in order to increase visitors within the County;

3)  Work collaboratively with local lodging establishments to promote increased occupancy rates within the County;

4)  Research, develop and implement alternative revenue opportunities through promotional Activities to supplement the County’s annual appropriations.


1) Franklin County Visitors Information Center –   The successful proposer will be responsible for overseeing the operation and management of the Franklin County Visitors Information Center (VIC).  Visitors to the VIC have continually declined over the last several years.  Emphasis will be placed on the revival of this facility as an essential and central element of tourism, promotional activities and community events within Franklin County. Development and implementation of innovative and creative strategies for future use of this facility that are sustainable, practical and enhance the usage of this property will be of paramount importance.

2)  Event Management/Coordination – Actively work with local organizations (Chambers of Commerce, Ottawa Mainstreet, Economic Development, etc.) and event organizers/volunteers to secure sponsors, develop marketing materials, advertise, promote, and oversee the various community festivals/event and other special events throughout the county; work with private event managers to cross promote the county’s tourism and promotional activities.

3)  Website – Manage a tourism website to promote local businesses and events to residents and businesses; create and promote advertising space on the website as a part of the sponsorship package for businesses; develop content for the website; update and enhance the website weekly with new event information; link the website to the Franklin County website, local communities, local Chambers and other regional travel promotion sites.

4) Social Media – Maintain existing Facebook site and add additional social media outlet to the tourism marketing effort, including Twitter and Instagram. Update and enhance social media platforms weekly with new information.

5)  Publications – Design, print and distribute posters, rack cards and print advertising to attract residents and visitors to special events; produce and provide editorial content for the Franklin County visitor guide.

6)  Branding/Advertising – Utilize print, on-line, and radio to target travelers; place events on travel portals and local community websites, such as State of Kansas travel and tourism website, Franklin County, and Franklin County Tourism; submit regular news releases to local media regarding events; Educate business owners on how to use social media and other technology to promote their business; work with area chambers of commerce and Main Street programs to create and implement innovative promotional campaigns to drive residents and visitors to visit local businesses; continue to work with Franklin County, the City of Ottawa and other cities within Franklin County, and other regional organizations such as State Parks and other regional attractions, and local photographers to collect photo images, video, B-roll, etc., of the area for promotional efforts and publication.

7) Securing Sponsors – Create sponsorship packages to bring value to businesses supporting special events; network with local businesses to import the value of involvement in community events.

8)  Travel Trade – Host tour operators, travel writers and others to familiarize them with our community.

9) Market Research – Calculate the number of visitors to each special event; track advertising success rates via click throughs, website landing pages etc.; submit quarterly reports to the local chambers, Mainstreet and County Commission.

Proposal due by June 28, 2016 to:

Franklin County Kansas
c/o Jon Holmes, County Administrator
Franklin County Annex
1428 S. Main, Suite 2
Ottawa, KS 66067 administration@franklincoks.org

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