Major City in Kenya Issues RFP For Public Relations Firm & Ad Agency

Major City in Kenya Issues RFP For Public Relations Firm & Ad Agency

The County Government of Nyeri, located in Kenya has issued an RFP seeking a Public Relations Firm, as well as Advertising Agency. The objective of the County Government is to ensure the free flow of information to the media and all other stakeholders in order to create a supportive environment for the development activities and services that are undertaken by County Government.

The Public Relations Agency shall also extend strategic support to the Nyeri County Government in its efforts to create a positive perception in the print and electronic media.

According to the RFP,

The Agency is expected to deploy a small full time team comprising specialists in the fields of media relations, advertising and dissemination of communiqués issued by the Nyeri County Government for the stated purpose.  The professional team that would be deployed to serve the Nyeri County Government shall have experience of  tackling critical issues and/ or crisis situations related to the images and workings of a Government entity. The Public Relations Agency shall have adequate experience and expertise in preparation of documentation for development projects and activities, web site, topical reports, newsletters, newspaper articles, brochures etc.”

Additional assignment per RFP:

Situation, Issue Appraisal and Analysis:

Making rapid appraisal of emerging situations including periodic review of existing communication strategies and initiatives; barriers in communication, if any; channels of communication; perceived sources of credibility and other information that will enhance the effectiveness of the communication strategy. Providing other information aids such as informative pamphlets and such activities as may be considered necessary.

In-House Documentation for Dissemination:

  1. Preparation of minutes of public consultations, relevant presentations, brochures, booklets and other important meetings which have media significance.
  2. Documenting and disseminating best practices (case studies) on successful governance process in order to record learning and create public awareness     on transparency and accountability to reassure involved

Media Programmes:

  1. Media Relations: Regular media mapping exercise which will include daily scrutiny of English and Kiswahili publications and electronic media coverage   on project related
  2. Maintaining relations with the electronic and print media operative at local and national level and regularly updating it on project developments reflecting Nyeri County Government perspective in order to avoid misinformation / prejudice and create positive public
  3. Feature articles and write-ups recording achievements and lessons learnt in order to create a positive environment conducive to the momentum of project
  4. Preparation of electronic documentary features to create constant public awareness on the County Government
  5. Planning and establishing possible action plans and supporting Nyeri County Government project activities with resources in order to handle any emerging crisis.
  6. Production of necessary contents on all activities of Nyeri County Government to be updated on the County ”

Proposal is due by August 24th to:

County Secretary, P.O. Box 1112-10100
Nyeri, Kenya

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