Kenya Film Commission Issues Digital Media RFP


The Kenya Film Commission is a state corporation mandated by the government to Develop, Promote and Market Kenya’s film industry. The specific mandate of Kenya Film Commission, as per the Gazette Supplement, is detailed as follows; 

§ To develop, promote and market the film industry locally and internationally and identify and facilitate growth of the film industry. 

§ Generate, manage and disseminate film industry research, information and market data, and act as a repository and archive of Kenya’s film records. 

§ Coordinate and certify persons, association and organization participating in the production of film, photography, video, stills, animation, new media and related media. 

§ Establish and administer a film promotion fund and incubation centers for the film industry in Kenya.

§ Provide liaison service for government departments on matters relating to the promotion, marketing and development of the industry. 

§ Promote and market Kenya, locally and internationally as a filming destination and promote local content.

§ Develop fiscal and other incentives to promote investment in the film industry and create linkages with both public and private national and international organizations to improve and facilitate investment in the film industry

Scope of Work:

The appointed service provider will be required to develop and implement a comprehensive social media marketing plan for the Commission and undertake the following:


The primary content will be textual and occasionally mixed with video, info graphics and or images. The Commission will share a monthly PR activation calendar. Paid for Posts: Occasionally promoting posts to increase the number of people who see our posts and interact with our page. The objective is to; – Boost our Facebook advertising efforts. – Improve the impression score of the KFC page in conjunction with KFC they will develop

ü Creative Designs

ü You tube Videos

ü Articles

ü Facebook /Instagram /Twitter digital posters the service provider will also be expected to;

ü Coordinate all page platforms for the commission ü Respond to any/all engagements from follower base

ü Sustained Monitoring – continually monitor each channel, and respond to any questions, comments and posts within a two hour time period. Two hours will allow us to confirm that accurate information is relayed back to the person inquiring.

ü Analytics – share weekly analytics such as: follower growth, reach, demographics, comments, “likes”, shares, retweets and summarize various results and activities over each quarter. Overall, the appointed service provider will be expected to manage with the set budget and deliver within set timeframes which will be contractual and renewable yearly on satisfactory performance. The service provider will be expected to submit a weekly and monthly report to Kenya Film Commission. Deliverables/Outcomes:

1. Grow followers fan base by 1,000 on a monthly basis

2. To get our target interacting with us more through hash tag campaigns, sharing and retweeting relevant news and being the first to like posts, shared by the commission

3. Informed stakeholders on KFC progress

Due Date:



The Chief Executive Officer

Kenya Film Commission

Jumuia Place II, 2nd Floor

Lenana Road, Kilimani in Nairobi

Strong international PR firms include Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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