Larry’s Beans Hires PRStreet

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Larry’s Beans has just announced their hiring of PRStreet. The PR firm will be serving as public relations agency of record for the coffee bean company. They will be handling all media communications and promotion for the company.

“Larry’s Beans’ commitment to a quality product as well as its Fair Trade and Organic practices make it an ideal client for PRStreet,” said Graham H. Wilson, president of PRStreet. “In addition they have a creative and fun approach to their product, which is exactly the type of business we enjoy working with.”

Larry’s Beans is a company that forms relationships with Fair Trade farmers around the world. They work specifically with small cooperatives and purchase only organic, Fair Trade, shade-grown coffee beans, providing the best for their customers. This also works to help farmers in poor countries provide a better product and earn what they are worth.

The goal of the coffee company is to purchase and roast the best coffees in the world, while cultivating relationships that benefit the farmers. The company also promotes sustainability through a variety of projects both local and worldwide. One such project in Raleigh is using waste vegetable oil in their delivery vehicles.

“PRStreet’s hands-on yet professional approach to public relations and marketing is exactly what we are looking for in representing our company,” said Larry Larson, founder and CEO of Larry’s Beans. “In addition to expanding our product and brand name locally and nationally, we look forward to maximizing PRStreet’s public relations expertise to raise awareness of sustainable business practices and the importance of buying Fair Trade Organic products.”

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