Bright Pink Leverages Mobile Marketing for Breast Cancer

2009-10-21 by EPR Staff
breast cancer awareness everything-pr

When you think of mobile marketing, probably the last thing you consider is using it for breast cancer awareness. That, however, is precisely what Bright Pink, a non-profit organization, is doing this month. The organization has started a unique mobile campaign aimed at getting women to perform regular self-exams on a monthly basis, something all women should be doing, but most of us forget about. Bright Pink isn't just sending you a quick text message saying "Time for your exam!" In fact, the organization decided to inject a little humor into what could be a potentially dull topic. To start... Read More >

Should You Hire An Editor To Review Your Copy?

2009-10-19 by EPR Staff
should you hire editor - everything-pr

In today's fast-paced environment a lot of material is published before anyone (other than the original author) ever sees it. Is this a good thing? Are editors still necessary? While many would argue that the ease of publishing material today has eliminated the need for editors, I would tend to disagree. In my opinion, editors still have a vital role to play in today's public relations environment. Plus, the lack of an editor usually shows. I can't even begin to count the number of typos that I've noticed on news stories, blog posts, and company websites. Having worn several hats in... Read More >

Interplay Between Search Marketing and Social Media

2009-10-08 by EPR Staff
Groupm Search

GroupM Search and comScore, Inc. have just released the results of a recent study which examines the relationship between search marketing and social media. “The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption" was conducted with M80, a social media agency. A white paper has been published on the findings of the study, which can be read here. “Every day consumers express their intent via search. Now, we better understand how that intent is established via social media and the interplay between the channels,” said Chris Copeland, chief executive officer of GroupM Search – The Americas. “The... Read More >

The PR Power of a White Paper

2009-10-03 by EPR Staff
Whitepaper Public Relations

We all use them. All of us can identify them. In politics they were originally used to guide the public in making educated decisions on certain political policies and stances. A plan of action and a state-the-facts-and-resolve type of document. For the technology industry, they have become increasingly popular for one main and obvious reason: technology is ever changing. A new technological advance here, an application there, white papers help distribute a great deal of information to the public and create a very quick and concise way to convey it. Business is booming with white papers. They are becoming a... Read More >

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