Maryland County Seeking PR Firm

Maryland County Seeking PR Firm

Anne Arundel County, Maryland is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide public relations products and services to governmental entities, with a preferred focus on Departments of Public Works.

Scope of Work to be Performed

Services to be Procured: Anne Arundel County, Maryland (the “County”) is seeking the services of an outside consultant/firm to work with the Department of Public Works (DPW) Customer Relations Unit to design a public relations campaign with short and long-term outreach strategies, and materials that will enable DPW to better communicate with its customers – all property owners, residents, and their families in Anne Arundel County.

Overview of Scope

  1. The Department of Public Works (DPW) is a unit within Anne Arundel County, Maryland (government) that operates on a 24/7 basis with 750 skilled and professional employees. There are four (4) Bureaus within  the Department — Engineering, Highways, Utility Operations, and Waste Management Services. These bureaus provide the following services respectively: the design and construction of public works, i.e. roads, bridges, government buildings, restoration of County waterways, and administration of the Federal MS-4 Stormwater Permit; maintenance and repair of County road infrastructure and right-of-ways; production of safe drinking water, management of wastewater treatment, and maintenance and repair of utility infrastructure; and management of the collection, processing, and recycling of solid waste, and landfill operations.
  2. DPW feels that Anne Arundel County citizens are generally unaware of the many valuable services provided by DPW. From basic “know how to reach us” to how to obtain critical help in solving a public works concern. DPW wants to improve its two-way communications with its customers.


  1. The goals for this contract shall be to increase the public’s knowledge of the Department’s responsibilities, to improve the Department’s image  and means of communication with its customers, create and maintain positive public impressions, address negative public perceptions, generate goodwill in the community, and create or sustain DPW’s credibility with its customers by increasing the public’s awareness of DPW’s many tax and user fee-supported services, capital projects, and environmental programs.
  2. The Successful Offeror shall work with DPW’s Customer Relations Unit to design a public relations campaign with short and long-term   outreach strategies that shall measurably increase the public’s understanding of DPW. The campaign shall provide sustainable and  measurable outcomes that increase and improve the customer’s ability to contact DPW in return.

Recent Survey:

  1. A recent survey (attached in its entirety as the first attachment to this RFP) has identified the department’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of customer satisfaction, comprehension, and expectations. With the review of the survey of County residents, news articles, letters and social media, interviews of employees, etc., the Successful Offeror shall implement plans and provide DPW with the tools needed to effectively reach its customers and help improve their understanding of DPW’s day- to-day efforts, and the role public works plays in their everyday lives.
  2. The DPW survey conducted in the Fall of 2016 by the Anne Arundel Community College’s Center for Local Studies reveals what residents know and understand about the department and its four bureaus: Engineering, Highways, Utility Operations and Waste Management. The survey analysis shall be the basis of the initial strategic campaign development.

Proposal due by FRIDAY, March 24, 2017 to:
Anne Arundel County Purchasing Division
Heritage Office Complex
2660 Riva Road, Third Floor
Annapolis, Maryland, 21401

Stanton Communications and Weber Shandwick maintain Maryland offices.

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