Mobile Marketing Is the New Black

Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s pretty obvious that the future of communications is mobile, and this includes the future of the Internet as well. Mobility is crucial in a modern society, and for PR and marketers, understanding the potential of mobile marketing can mean the difference between a successful campaign and failure.

An info-graphic published in March this year on Microsoft tag shows that by 2014 mobile Interned should take over desktop internet usage. On average, Americans already spend 2.7 hours a day socializing on their mobile phones, and statistically, people use mobile phones for games, weather, maps and search, social networking, music, news, entertainment, dining and video.

Mobile Marketing Strategy InfographicThe increased usage of mobile technology opens new marketing possibilities for businesses. New strategies will take over traditional advertising. For instance, mobile consumers can be targeted traditionally through SMS, but with the rise of smartphones, text, images, Facebook and Twitter alerts join the marketing strategies’ list.

Already, companies like TransMobile offer mobile marketing plans that embrace every form of mobile customer contact, targeting the new generation of consumers. TransMobile provides a unique method of delivering Text, Email, and Instant Messages while simultaneously posting information via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. This approach to mobile marketing reaches customers at a much more personal level.

Companies like Groupon and Living Social are employing such strategies, and are flourishing because they offer distinct ways for businesses to advertise their specials. A similar approach is used by TransMobile, which capture customer data while simultaneously sending direct response campaigns for promotions, coupons, sales alerts, appointment reminders, and important news.

Other companies offering similar services include Mobivity – for SMS marketing, which works on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Boost, Virgin, Dobson, Midwest Wireless, Cincinnati Bell, US Cellular and Alltel; Boomtext; Punch Kick, which offers everything from SMS marketing to custom mobile video; iVision; and Hipcricket, which offers mobile marketing and advertising campaigns through SMS, Mobile Web, applications, IVR, mobile advertising and via the industry’s first comprehensive, National Mobile Marketing and Advertising Network that enables brands to reach opted-in Hispanics and mass market mobile subscribers.

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