New Year’s Party Ideas for Public Relations Professional’s

New Years Party Public Relations

Three more days and we say goodbye to a very challenging year, hoping that next year will be better. Last year we still fought against the effects of the recession affecting the global economy. The New Year will have to continue on the positive side, and the best way to start it is with a great New Year Party. And with my special tips and ideas, you cannot fail, especially if you work in the PR industry.

Costumed parties make a comeback – especially if you want to capitalize on that tacky Halloween costume you bought this year, but you couldn’t wear because you failed holding your Special K diet. It doesn’t fit now either, but by midnight everyone will be too drunk to notice. I’ll go out as a wolf this year – after all, at least the first day of the new year should see my true face. This is a great idea for companies like Edelman (the Top-Ranked PR Agency of the Decade) for example, whose employees could wear sheep costumes, ideal for hiding one’s true colors, at least one day a year.

Party favors (I don’t mean sheep dip) – organize a special event for your fellow employees on duty, and offer them a case Natty Light, with the promise that it will be deducted double from their salaries – they won’t care. It’s New Year’s after all. For snacks, pork skins are ideal, but if you can get a good deal at Walmart, substitute with popcorn. Male sure you make them extra greasy: the more they drink, the more you get for double charging them for the cheap beer.

If your reputation can handle it, attend an APCO Worldwide New Year’s Party. Don’t worry if you cannot afford it, just crash in, ‘coz everybody knows that APCO is too big and too important to notice their own derrières without help.

If you find yourself on the Continent, drop in to a convenient Weber Shandwick office, where party favors are sponsored by American Airlines – but don’t try to book you air flight back to the US through them, there will be no favors, and with this messy winter, you’ll end up stranded in one of UK’s trendiest airports for weeks.

But maybe the best party suggestion for New Year’s would be to make a resolution: if you are in the self aggrandizing, self broadcasting PR business, like so many I could not possibly name without appropriate weaponry at disposal, be so kind, and get some rest. The party will be much better without your annoying, self-serving, me me me tunes. Same goes for workoholics, social media holics, twitterholics and other of the breed: please, for Pete’s sake, shut up!

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