Nike Communications Clients and Campaigns

Nike Communications Clients and Campaigns
Nike Communications Clients and Campaigns

Nike Communications works with a broad range of clients, many of whom are some of the world’s leading luxury brands, including Gillette Labs, Grey Goose, Billy Reid, and Halo Sport. The firm’s work with its various clients has allowed them to shift brand perceptions through strategies that help to maintain images of quality and luxury.

The firm uses a range of techniques to devise strategies that fit their clients’ brands and help them to reach the right audiences. Industry-leading publications like The Holmes Report have recognized many of these campaigns and strategies. A notable example that won a SABRE award is a special event dubbed Malts of Legend, which the PR firm helped John Dewar and Sons to organize.

The agency’s promotions often consist of celebrity endorsements, adding products to Oscars baskets and product placement.

An example of Nike Communications using its partnerships in creative campaigns for its clients is the Hot Type Campaign for Rosewood Hotels and Resorts. The program brought copies of yet-to-be-released novels to the resort for guests before the public was able to buy them. The authors would also come to host dinners and cocktail parties.

Mark Cross, the oldest luxury leather goods brand in America, is working with Nike Communications to open a flagship in New York City. The partnership represents a shift in the company’s strategy as it re-engages with its core customer.

At the same time, Nike Communications is also helping Mark Cross to target a new audience, comprising mainly people who want to see an intersection between modern art and fashion. Nike Communications is also using its extensive network to showcase the brand’s offering with the help of emerging artists.

Nike Communications Leadership Team

The firm has been headed by its founder and president, Nina Kaminer, since 1984. Prior to founding Nike Communications, she was a vice president at NAPS for three years. The vice president, Bernice Kwok-Gabel, was formerly the director of public relations at Hermes. Before that, he was the senior press officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Jennifer Feldshon, formerly a publicist at Finn Partners,  recently joined Nike Communications as the new lifestyle director. At around the same time, Jenna Ebbink, who had previously been a senior account executive at Fingerprint Communications, joined the firm as an accounts director.

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