Norton Offers Online Protection to Parents and Children from Around the World

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Security solution provider Symantec has just expanded its online family safety service, Norton Online Family, including 25 new languages to the English-only interface of prior versions.

Based on the large area it will now cover, Norton claims it is the first globally available security solution to help parents insure a safe Internet environment for their children. The service helps them block potentially dangerous sites while still connecting with the online lives of their children and keeping the conversation about safe Internet usage going.

Given the current online world with its threats and predators, a safety education for children is definitely needed and parents should try to know how their families act on the Internet, what sites they visit and what information they are willing to give away. Norton also has the data to prove what the actual danger and its effects are as their global study called Norton Online Family Report and released together with the product announcement shows 62% of kids worldwide have had a negative online experience.

Norton Online Family focuses on the grey areas of the Internet according to Symantec, meaning they provide the tools to block unsafe content while encouraging open dialogue between parents and children.

Parents can use the software to enforce the house rules they create and review their children’s behavior by monitoring their searches or how they present themselves on social networking sites. If kids want to visit a blocked site, they can send notes to their parents asking for permission.

As the service is provided online, parents can log on from any computer and stop worrying about what the children are browsing when they are at work or traveling for business.

“We believe that cybersafety and cybersecurity go hand in hand and children should learn about protecting themselves online the moment they first get connected,” said Marian Merritt, Norton Internet Safety Advocate and Chair of the Norton Online Family Advisory Council. “Families have trusted Norton for years to protect their computers from online threats, and we want to lend a hand and support them in their efforts to keep their kids safe online with this free tool. Parents can turn to Norton to help protect their families from all types of cybercrime – from viruses and hackers to cyberbullies and inappropriate content.”

More on Norton’s web service and the report findings here.

Text 100, Edelman & Burson-Marsteller have worked with Norton and their parent company.


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