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The Publicity Agency: Drew Peterson’s PR Set To Overturn Law Next

The details are not so important for PR professionals or the Goofy Awards, as the implication. The question is; “Should any credible PR agency even undertake such a campaign?” I suppose if Johnny Cochran can make a big name defending O.J., and the money is right, then some agencies would jump at the chance. However, I know that turning down such a fiasco would render as much good publicity as the bad this one will sling.

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The Best Should Be The Best – Scrutinizing Greatness

Being number one carries with it a set of expectations. The expectations of clients, potential clients, contemporaries, competitors and business at large demand a perfect digital image. I did not set out to pick on a giant today, a failed expectation led me to it. Expecting a company with over 3,000 employees, an elite clientele, and a reach that spans 5 continents to display an awesome digital world presence is natural.

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So What Exactly Is Public Relations?

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by all the different things that have been published at the speed of light in the last few weeks since the site was started, and are looking to get some idea on what the heck Public Relations individuals/experts/specialists do, but do not really know where to start, we are going to start a section where we’ll talk about the fundamentals of Everything PR.

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Horn Group – Cutting Edge Digital World Image

“If a company does not think enough of themselves or their potential clients to make the best site (or store front) possible, then how can they be expected to convey their client’s ideals?”

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AdvanceMe Spelled in Gold at MarCom Awards

AdvanceMe has been presented a Gold award for the execution of a radio media tour that featured Glenn Goldman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Access Network.

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Say What You Mean Damnit 2

Another thought is; “Is using deceptively simple but powerfully effective powerful enough to effectively modify something that can uncover the core, unfiltered and spontaneous trigger that tells someone they are being baffled with BS, or will this cause people to act erroneously?

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Weber Shandwick: Say What You Mean Damnit!

This PR blunder comes from a PR agency in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. According to the Yorkshire Post, Weber Shandwick, a local PR firm, was hired by a paint manufacturer Tor Coatings to be their...