When Pravda Knows More Than You Do


In the news today from Russian media giant Pravda, it is interesting to note that somehow people there have a better idea of what is going on than most Americans. With the US debt spiraling at over $14 trillion, the certain pressure BP’s oil spill will have on the economy, and “tried and true” methods of past administrations, Russian logic seems to apply.

In an article entitled “Another War Will Be Required to Burn $13 Trillion of USA’s National Debt, ” Pravda big business journalist Ekaterina Yevstigneyeva makes some valid points on where US policy might be headed. It is no secret war has been a tool for economic since the great depression.

Part of the “New Deal” was actually putting people to work making bombs and tanks, and a shot in the arm for major big business concerns since way before then. We will not get into how much money Dupont and others made off WWI and other wars here, but even Eisenhower warned of what the so called “military industrial complex” was up to.

From Russia With Love

Yevstigneyeva suggests the war in Iraq was partially a “stop gap” measure to prop up the US economy around 2000, and this is not without some validity. Sure the war has been a drain on the economy too, but the billions being made by major corporations cannot be discounted either. So too the Pravda journalist points out that Obama is unwilling to accept his share of the US debt.

If he can get by with it, why not? This is the political dogma of Washington and big business these days. The fact is, Obama’s administration is no less responsible than Bush’s at borrowing the American people’s money. As Yevstigneyeva also reveals, you owe Uncle Sam’s creditors $43,000 dollars right now. Did you know that?

You Owe It To Yourself

My question is; “How is it reporters and people in Russia seem to know more about US debt than Americans?” But then, it has always been my opinion that America has tended to choose the wrong partners any way. Russia has played this “economic game” very adeptly. Despite their problems Russia has stayed out of the mix of world economic upheaval to an extent. Why is this? Maybe we should look into historical annals to see? I will not go into this aspect here. What is important perhaps, is that American’s open their eyes to the right perspectives.

Not many of you will remember this, but if gunpowder sales jump up in the next couple of years the need for the jump may be as economically based as strategic. Just another point of view mind you, but maybe this is what we all need? Or more precisely, to the right sources outside. The BP oil disaster, along with other events, can only hasten what this Russian reporter suggests may be true 21st century economics in the US.

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