Roberta Mancino: Fearless Is Sexy

Roberta Mancino

Roberta Mancino (born August 3, 1980) is not your average sexy babe. She is an Italian beauty, from Anzio, a small town from the coast south of Rome, who enjoys modeling and skydiving. And if you think about it, the two disciplines share a lot in common. The life of a model is tough, it requires self discipline, a strict diet, and of course, there is the competition, which is not only based on looks.

A successful model brings more than looks: its all about character and charisma. Roberta Mancino has these traits, plus one, she is fearless. What else would you call a model who is also a skydiver? If you ask Men’s Fitness, she is the sexiest sports babe ever, but there’s even more here than meets the eye:

“With over 4,000 jumps logged—including four in the buff—she’s also the Italian national freestyle champion and the Free Fly Record Holder,” Ariane Marder reports. But there’s more: the skydiver and model also holds a black belt in full contact. Talking about fearless!

This career jump was inspired by Point Break, a 2001 blockbuster starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. After the first jump, in October 2001, Roberta fell in love with the skies, and slowly she turned the hobby into a profession. She enjoys training at Skyventure XP Paraclete, an indoor skydiving wind tunnel in North Carolina. She thinks tunnel flying is more difficult than anything else, because it is cardio intensive, requires a lot of stretching and it’s a great body workout.

About her modeling career she doesn’t talk much, although she did pose nude for Max magazine in 2009, for Playboy in 2003; and even did four dives in the buff – as part of a magazine shoot.

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