Rockford Park District Seeks Ad Agencies

Rockford Park District Seeks Ad Agencies

The Rockford Park District (RPD) in Illinois is seeking proposals from advertising agencies or communication companies to solicit media planning and buying services to direct media recommendations, negotiations, purchasing and effectiveness analysis for all types of media. Media campaigns must be geographically targeted and be flexible to aim for specific programs and enrollment periods.

Currently the RPD consists of 179 parks and facility sites totaling nearly 5,000 acres for the parks alone. The major facilities and parks consist of a diverse offering such as multi-purpose pathways, canine parks, community centers, equestrian park/children’s farm, ice facilities, indoor and outdoor sports complexes, indoor playground, golf courses, outdoor pools and swimming beach, riverboat, trolley, conservatory, and a water park. In addition, RPD hosts a variety of camps and lesson programs for both youth and adults. The RPD hosts 9.4 million visitors annually.

The media buyer is to provide the RPD with media negotiation, time and space placement, evaluation of effectiveness of advertising campaigns, proof of performance, leverage promotions, trades and media sponsorships, and negotiation of value-added benefits for the RPD. In doing so, the media buyer is to work closely with the RPD’s marketing team and facility/program managers, as well as attend weekly marketing planning meetings. It is expected all buys proposed and placed by the contracted media buyer will put paramount importance on fulfilling the RPD’s mission and goals for each campaign.

The Proposer will be expected to provide the following services described herein:

  1. Media Planning
    • Assess advertising and promotional opportunities based on desired advertising targets and goals for more than 50 different RPD programs, events, and facilities.
  1. Media Buying — Budget is subject to approval by RPD’s Board of Commissioners, and is subject to modification if warranted. (2016 radio and television approximate budget: $314,000)
    • Negotiate rates and added value placements for each campaign
    • Facilitate contracts, including performance targets
    • Assess and optimize placements throughout year
    • Respond to media rep solicitations
  1. Reporting
    • Provide proof of placement
  1. Billing
    • Audit, process, and consolidate invoices
    • Include schedule affidavit
    • Submit invoices monthly
  1. Promotions
    • Respond with own ideas and vision as to how to approach this engagement that will work hand in hand with and complement the overall plan. Services to be provided may include:
      • Identify and secure promotional partners who will effectively execute RPD promotions
      • Assist in developing an effective communication messaging strategy by working with RPD creative staff to review creative, and provide input on campaign elements
      • Help develop measurable goals and objectives
      • Make recommendations on effective measurement of success

Proposal due by Oct 20 to:

Rockford Park District

Jacki Minnihan, Purchasing Manager

401 South Main Street

Rockford, Illinois 61101

Major PR firms in Illinois include SS PR, Zeno Group and Walker Sands Communications.

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