Santa Clara Water District Issues Media Buying RFP

Santa Clara Water District Issues Media Buying RFP

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is seeking a media buying firms to provide media planning and media buyer services for its annual flood awareness advertising campaign in Santa Clara County.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is the primary water resource agency for Santa Clara County, supplying wholesale water, providing flood protection and serving as environmental steward for clean, safe creeks and healthy ecosystems. It serves approximately two million people in 15 cities.


The District is the primary flood protection agency in the Santa Clara County and carries out an annual flood awareness marketing campaign to educate the public about the risks associated with flooding and how to reduce the loss of life and property. The campaign also demonstrates what the District is doing to provide flood protection and directs the public to appropriate resources on

The annual flood awareness campaign for fiscal year 2016-2017 is estimated to cost $260,000, which includes the media buy and the media buyer costs.


The objective of this request for bid is to secure a media buy firm who will provide the media planning and buyer services needed to achieve the District’s flood awareness campaign goals. The vendor will develop an appropriate media buy plan for the campaign, identifying appropriate advertising venues.

The plan would consider, but may not be limited to, the following media avenues:

  • Online (including networks, local news, behavioral  targeting)
  • Radio (general and ethnic market)
  • Newspapers, including community newspapers
  • Ethnic newspapers and magazines

Public information and community affairs activities, including press releases, press kits, press events, public presentations and direct outreach to individuals and groups will be handled in-house and are outside the scope of this RFP.

The successful vendor, at the direction of the District’s Communications staff, will:

  • Develop a research-based media buy plan that helps to achieve the goals and objectives of the flood awareness marketing campaign
  • Provide media buying for the flood awareness marketing campaign.
  • Negotiate rates with media outlets in order to receive low cost placement as well as to leverage premium positioning within advertising space.

Proposal due by October 25th, 2016 to:

US Postal Service Mailing Address 5750 Almaden Expressway

San Jose, CA 95118

Courier / FedEx/ DHL/ UPS Mailing Address 5905 Winfield Blvd

San Jose, CA 95123

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