Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Issues Website RFP

Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Issues Website RFP

We are seeking proposals to modernize the design, function and identity of our website at The objective is to meet our immediate need for a responsive and engaging website with a small non-profit budget while laying the best groundwork to move forward with larger future goals envisioning an expansion of service.


Established in 1974, the Saskatchewan Council forInternational Cooperation is a small non-profit, charitable organization comprised of members (organizations and individuals) and supporters working for global cooperation, justice and peace. We are actively connected to larger networks and partners with global capacity. We deliver public education and capacity building in Saskatchewan on issues related to sustainable development and global cooperation and provide training, organizing, and limited financial support for our members.

Our Mission: SCIC builds momentum towards a just, equitable, and sustainable world by enhancing the capacity of its members, education and inspiring the public to take action, and creating connections among those we serve.

Our Vision: We want to live in a province of engaged global citizens, where equality, peace, and justice (on a global scale) are the motivating principles pushing Saskatchewan toward an equitable societal shift.

Our Recent History: SCIC has recently undergone a re-visioning process in the wake of losing a major funding program, charting a future where we are more collaborative and responsive in order to strengthen our local network.

Scope of Work:

SCIC is updating our website in order to make our role better understood and to provide an engaging and accessible entry point for Saskatchewan citizens to move along the spectrum of active global citizenship. Specific goals are as follows:

                1. SCIC’s work is easy clearly displayed and easy to understand.

               Success indicator 1: Website visitors can easily and clearly understand who SCIC is, what SCIC does, and how they can get involved or contribute to SCIC’s work.

                2. Website is designed in SCIC brand and style.

               Success indicator 2: Website design meets SCIC brand identity and guidelines; stakeholders report that the design is inspiring and engaging.

                3. Website is easy to navigate and well-organized for all SCIC audiences.

               Success indicator 3: SCIC audiences are able to find the information they are looking for and learn about SCIC and its work.

                4. Website is easy to maintain with relevant and timely information.

               Success indicator 4: SCIC staff are able to quickly update content that maintains style guidelines.

Scope of work:

  • Project management
  • Content audit and strategies
  • URL acquisition and transition plan
  • Brand consultation ensuring alignment with new strategic direction
  • User experience and information architecture design
  • Visual design
  • Content Migration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Social optimization
  • Analytics Software
  • Testing, security & quality assurance
  • Timeline for Completion
  • Deliverables

Due Date:

December 21st, 2018.


Shift Communications and Coyne PR are relevant agencies to consider.

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