Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Issues Branding RFP

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Issues Branding RFP
Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Issues Branding RFP

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce is requesting proposals for a project that will culminate in the development of an overarching new logo and brand for Sioux Falls. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified Proposers.

The logo will initially be used by the Chamber, the Development Foundation, Forward Sioux Falls and the City of Sioux Falls and it must have the adaptability to be utilized by other Sioux Falls organizations and businesses in the future. Sioux Falls is seeking a visual logo mark that represents the entire city of Sioux Falls and can adapt to represent each of the partnering organizations that support this effort. Such a mark would become foundational to placemaking in Sioux Falls. The initial implementation of the logo will be on—a website intended to act as the gateway to Sioux Falls. Other opportunities include signage throughout the city for placemaking, as well as specific neighborhoods or developments. The logo must be adaptable so that it can be easily adopted by additional organizations and events throughout the city (for example, organizers of a sports tournament may choose to use it in promoting their event), and act as an overarching symbol for the entire community.


Sioux Falls benefits from the efforts of many governments and private not-for-profit associations and organizations. Examples include The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, Sioux Falls Development Foundation, Downtown Sioux Falls, and the City of Sioux Falls. In different ways, all provide important programming to help ensure a high quality of life and a vibrant economy in Sioux Falls.

Despite the varied stakeholders, target markets, and program objectives of each organization, all engage in place making. The Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau markets Sioux Falls as a destination for conventions, meetings, events, and tourism in order to bring new people to the community for work or leisure. The Sioux Falls Development Foundation works to recruit new workforce and business to Sioux Falls. The City of Sioux Falls invests in quality of life amenities including a 19-mile trail system, over 80 public parks, and the river greenway. For each of these missions and many others, establishing Sioux Falls as a place with a high quality of life, career opportunities, options for entertainment, and strong economic growth is mission critical.

Over the years, each organization has developed a specific brand identity and logo consistent with its own marketing efforts and messaging. This has served each organization well over time; however, it has also led to many varying brand images that represent Sioux Falls in specific ways.

A collaborative group of community leaders recently reviewed the various marks and logos used to represent Sioux Falls. This group has determined that brand identity for the entire city can be somewhat confusing. The group also determined that cities that have incorporated a more unified, visual brand mark or logo into communication platforms and marketing campaigns have been more effective in garnering engagement from internal stakeholders and have had more success in messaging to external markets.

In short, we believe a unified logo for Sioux Falls will support the goals and objectives of each of our organizations. More importantly, we believe a shared logo will be foundational to creating a more unified experience for visitors and businesses when researching Sioux Falls and when they arrive in our city.

Scope of Work:

                • Final, approved ‘parent’ logo for Sioux Falls.

                • A final, approved ‘child’ logo for each of the four (4) partner organizations listed in the Overview.

                • A brand standards guide for use of the primary logo. Must include elements of a typical brand standards guide, plus the clear definition of how to adapt the ‘parent’ logo for new organizations.

                • Final design for stationery for each of the four (4) partner organizations, including letterhead, envelope, and business card template.

                • Design direction on how to apply the ‘parent’ logo and brand to

                • Examples of how the parent logo could be used in various collateral applications including website, digital and traditional advertising, outdoor signage, and other forms of placemaking.

Due Date:

June 20th, 2019.


Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

200 N. Phillips Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Relevant agencies include Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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