Sox and Yanks in trouble with the League

The Boston Red Sox have been fined by Major League Baseball for using technology to steal signs from the Yankees earlier in the season. In a scenario somewhat similar to the one that got the nearby Patriots in trouble a few years, back, the Sox will have to cough up some cash for the infraction. The New York Times was on the case after video clips were dropped off at the MLB commissioner’s office purportedly showing Boston assistant athletic trainer Jon Jochim repeatedly glancing at his Apple Watch during a summer series between the Sox and the Yanks. Jochim began relaying some information to outfielder Brock Holt and second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

League Investigators Find Red Sox Guilty

According to League investigators, the Red Sox were sending electronic communications from their video replay room to the trainer. The behavior, reportedly, stopped when Sox management was made aware it was happening.

According to the AP, Boston’s owners and front office “had no advance knowledge” of the incident. But they do now, and so does Yankees Nation, who are both fuming and laughing about the report. And, rest assured, the laughter is all at the Red Sox expense.

Meanwhile, the Yankees, while victims, in this case, are not, apparently without blame. The team has been fined for “improper use of a dugout telephone” according to the Associated Press. Someone cue the “I know you are but what am I” catcalls that are sure to thunder across the division when these two bitter rivals play going forward this year.

Yankee’s Still Holding in There

The Sox are currently in the lead in the division, and the Yankees are, as of this writing, three games back. If the Sox hold to win the division, the Yankees could still make the playoffs as a wild card. That looks likely, too, as New York is fully four games ahead of Minnesota in the playoff hunt.

So, will this incident blow up into a scandal of Patriot-like proportions, or is it just another distraction for sports fans to argue about on the radio, at the bar, and on social media? Hard to say at this point, but you can bet Yankees fans will not want to let this one die, especially if they end up facing the Sox again in the American League playoffs.

There is some interesting silver lining to both teams getting on the bad side of the League. The funds from the fines will not go to MLB. Instead, they will be donated to hurricane relief efforts in the Irma-devastated state of Florida.

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