Starbucks Surprised by Pumpkin Flavored PR Crisis

starbucks pumpking spice pr

Ronn Torossian has some comforting and gentle words of wisdom for you. If you are successful in whatever you do, eventually, people will try to knock you down. Even if what you have is almost universally loved, somebody out there probably hates it. Or they hate you. Or they hate bubble wrap and tacos and long walks on the beach. It really doesn’t matter. If they have hate, they will direct it. Sooner or later that misdirected rage and frustration might be directed towards you.

Recently, someone even created an infographic to “reveal the secrets” of  be pumpkin flavored. Turns out, the hugely popular pumpkin spiced latte, has a few ingredients some customers are none too happy about. And they are taking their None Too Happy attitude to the web en masse. the pumpkin spiced latte to Pollyanna consumers.

Cue the public relations crisis.

Except, not really. See, here’s the thing. Starbucks offerings are not healthy. People are downing massive quantities of caffeine and sugar and chocolate stacked on top of layers of caffeine and sugar and chocolate. Mixed with milk. Frappuccinos are not protein shakes, and most people realize that; even the ones who insist on “half caf” or “skim.”

These are comfort drinks. Products of a combination of cultural and chemical addiction. They are delicious and social and just the thing their customers need to jump start whatever part of the day they are attacking. And Starbucks KNOWS this. So, don’t expect to see an “all organic, entirely natural” PSL replacing old faithful any time soon. Could Starbucks come up with that option? Of course they could. Will they? It’s possible.

But it’s more likely they will continue to sell their massively popular drinks to their dedicated customers in record quantities. After all, remember when everyone complained about whatever they put in Oreo cookies and the manufacturer changed the recipe? Of course not, because that never happened. People criticized Oreo … and they invented Double Stuf. Don’t be surprised when Starbucks does the same.

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