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Orange Country Transportation Authority Wants Better Social Media

2016-06-01 by EPR Staff
Orange Country Transportation Authority logo

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is seeking a web-based social media management services to help achieve transportation communications goals via OCTA social media channels, including: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Flickr Yelp OCTA works with federal, state, regional, and local officials, community groups, businesses, and other transportation agencies to provide the public with transportation solutions. As the county transportation agency responsible for planning, funding, and delivering transportation improvements, OCTA focuses on providing solutions that enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for the residents of Orange County. OCTA creates and implements innovative marketing and communications programs that help... Read More >

PR for Reputation: Your Brand’s Reputation Troll on Twitter

2016-05-10 by EPR Staff
Twitter Troll

Twitter can be an incredible PR tool, getting the word out on products, events, companies, celebrities, and anything else you can think of is a Twitter specialty. In fact, Twitter is one of the few places where you can easily contact a group of journalists, bloggers, and the like with hashtags such as #HARO, #journoresearch, and #bloggerresearch. You can also use sites to locate Twitter accounts for specific writers and contact them directly through Twitter. Unfortunately, whenever you get something that amazing, there seems to be an equally negative issue to deal with as well – call it another example... Read More >

Curt Schilling fired over Facebook comments

2016-05-03 by EPR Staff
Curt Schilling Facebook

When it comes to public relations, there’s often a line between what IS okay and what SHOULD BE okay. Depending on the issue, that line could be wide, with plenty of gray area open to interpretation. But that’s not always the case, so it’s incumbent on a public figure to know where the line is on different issues – or to have a strong PR team ready to go to bat for you when you cross the line. Take a lesson from former MLB star Curt Schilling. Even during his stellar baseball career, Schilling made a name for himself as... Read More >

PR through Teenagers Instagram Accounts

2016-04-19 by Ronn Torossian

There’s no surprise that a good image grabs attention, but with the proliferation of social media and digital photography available through the all-important iPhone and a product sure to please, many companies are getting a load of free PR from teenagers. A recent study of Swedish teens aged between 13-17 showed 75% of them actively use Instagram and in the U.S., the estimates are at 52%. In the study, they also found that 85% of the accounts had at least one food item photographed with the overwhelming majority of such pics being “food porn” – high fat, high sugar, or... Read More >

Utah Tourism Agency Seeks Ad Firm

2016-04-18 by EPR Staff
Utah Agency

  The Moab Area Travel Council (MATC), the Destination Marketing Organization for Grand County, Utah is seeking an advertising agency for ad buys for Radio, TV, and Digital. The Moab Area Travel Council seeks to improve the local economy by promoting and supporting recreation, tourism and conventions in a manner that promotes and protects the beauty and scenery of our natural environment. Moab is located within Grand County which contains some of the world's most spectacular scenery. Within its boundaries lie Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dead Horse Point State Park, Manti-La Sal National Forest, the Colorado River, and an... Read More >

What’s Your Media Business Model?

2016-03-30 by EPR Staff
Media Business Model

Up until about 1440 when Guttenberg created his movable type printing press, people got information almost exclusively by word of mouth. Even then, another 400 or so years passed before the press could spin out enough copies to become a going enterprise for daily newspapers. Eventually, radio (1920s) was added and then television (1940s) to the way people got their information. Those mediums and industries ruled supreme for decades, but we’ve seen continuous change and advances. Broadcast television was joined by cable channels, which eventually began producing their own quality content for the marketplace. Then the internet joined in and... Read More >

They’re here – Facebook Added the New “Reactions” for Global Use

2016-03-16 by EPR Staff
Facebook Reactions

Several months ago Facebook teased us with the possibilities of new “reactions,” otherwise known as expanded emoticons. To be honest, you could easily download emoticons for use with a couple hundred options for easy use. But that meant you had to make a comment. These you can use as their “like” button, just click on it and you’re done. No need to open the comment box and then thumb through all the options and decide if one is enough or should you use more. There are now six options instead of the one. They’ve added a heart – for “love... Read More >

Advertising on Instagram & Four Awesome Brands on Instagram — And What They’re Doing Right

2016-03-08 by EPR Staff
Instagram cake Ads

As one of the most well-loved social media sites, a great Instagram presence is critical to any brand. While the platform is associated with smartphone-wielding teens and twentysomethings, the Pew Research Center found that 26% of all adults who use the Internet have an Instagram account. With this in mind, it’s important for brands to not only use the site, but to make their posts stand out. Many of the world’s most popular companies use it to engage their fans in a fun and interesting way, ensuring fans return for more updates. Here are four brands whose Instagram strategies are... Read More >

Santa Clara Valley Seeking Social Media Firm & PR Agency

2016-02-26 by EPR Staff

The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to design a comprehensive social media strategy that will achieve the objectives to expand current Facebook and Twitter communities and convert community members to a higher level of engagement with the Authority, advise on other potential social media properties, develop outstanding content, post content regularly, provide monthly strategic counsel and written reports, and also provide traditional media relations services. The Authority is an independent special district created on February 1, 1993, by an act of the California Legislature, and serves a large portion of Santa Clara County... Read More >

America’s Top PR Firms Are Not Using Instagram!

2016-02-16 by EPR Staff
instagram social media

Edelman, New York City, New York.  with over 29,000 followers, the verified account has 408 posts at the last count. This is one PR firm that has taken advantage of the power that social media platforms have, and specifically, Instagram has, on digital marketing. Additionally, the firm has also decided to showcase some of the 5,300 employees who work for it worldwide and have shared plenty of valuable information about the company itself or its initiatives. Unfortunately, the engagement rate for all of those posts is still low compared to the number of people who follow the account, and the... Read More >

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