Technical Standards and Safety Authority Issued Advertising & Marketing RFP

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Technical Standards and Safety Authority has issued an RFP for Advertising & Marketing Services.


TSSA’s communication and safety advocacy objectives are to create mechanisms that effectively and efficiently delivery key safety messages and information to its mandated fee-paying customers and the Ontario public. TSSA may select one or more vendor to assist with its requirements.


Since 1997, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has delivered public safety services on behalf of the government of Ontario in four key sectors:

  • boilers and pressure vessels, and operating engineers;
  • elevating devices, amusement devices and ski lifts;
  • fuels; and,
  • upholstered and stuffed articles.

TSSA is a not-for-profit, self-funded organization dedicated to enhancing public safety. With headquarters in Toronto, TSSA employs approximately 380 staff, 70 percent of whom work in operations. Governed by a 13-member board of directors, TSSA is accountable to the Ontario government, the residents of Ontario and its other stakeholders.

TSSA funds its operations by charging its industry customers a fee for the services it provides.


The vendor will be required to provide, but not limited to, the following services for a range of communications projects:

advertising/marketing/digital strategy development (print, digital, audio) creative concept and messaging/copy development (print, digital, audio) graphic design and development (print, and digital) layout and desktop publishing production (*as required) media coordination including media buys interactive services video development partnership development

Proposal due by May 5th, 2017
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
345 Carlingview Drive
Toronto, ON M9W 6N9

Shift Communications is based in Canada.

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